Ultimate Abs 360 Stimulator Review (Does It Actually Work Or Is It All Hype?)

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There’s a new player in the fitness and muscle building tech arena that’s worth exploring called the Ultimate Abs 360.

This cutting-edge abdominal muscle stimulator is making waves in the industry, promising to facilitate calorie burn within a mere 20-minute session. 

But does it actually work?

Or is it all hype?

We’ve tested and reviewed this ab stimulator to see if it’s worth a purchase – find out all you need to know below… Can’t wait to read it all? Check out our quick verdict below….

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Although the Ultimate Abs 360 is based on NMES technology we found it be less than satisfactory. Not only that, there have been several reports from existing users that there are quality issues with the belt.

The Ultimate Abs 360 certainly has potential, but doesn’t live up to our no.1 rate ab stimulator – the NextGen Abs Transformation Kit.

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  1. Employs NMES technology, which is clinically proven for muscle stimulation. This lends credibility to the effectiveness of the device.


  1. Incomplete Package: Several users reported receiving an incomplete package. Some found that the arm exerciser component was missing despite being displayed in the product image, while others reported not receiving the controller required to operate the device. This lack of essential components severely impacted their usage and overall experience

  2. Non-Functioning Units: There were complaints about the product not working at all, indicating potential quality control issues.

  3. Missing Battery Pack: A user reported that their package did not include the battery pack, even though the product description mentioned “charging: battery”. This resulted in confusion and disappointment as the product couldn’t be used without this vital component.
  4. Absence of Buttons: One user reported that their unit arrived without the necessary buttons, rendering the product unusable.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes this device noteworthy and evaluate its potential advantages and disadvantages.

This belt embraces the power of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), a clinically proven technology designed for efficient muscle stimulation. 

Equipped with six diverse workout modes and ten intensity levels, it provides users with the flexibility to customize their workouts according to their specific fitness requirements.

This device comes with a compelling offer – a 30-day risk-free trial. This indicates the brand’s confidence in its product, giving prospective users the freedom to test the waters before fully committing to the device.

Its primary function is to transform the abdominal area by providing an effective method of firming, toning, and strengthening the muscles.

Not A One & Done Solution

Incorporating a balanced diet and regular workouts into your lifestyle is crucial for achieving optimal results in combination with the ab stimulator.

A balanced diet fuels your body with essential nutrients and keeps your calorie intake in check, thus promoting healthy weight management and providing the energy needed for effective workouts.

Engaging in regular full-body workouts not only helps you burn calories and reduce overall body fat but also enhances cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.

The abs stimulator, when used in tandem with a well-rounded fitness regimen and proper nutrition, can contribute to more noticeable improvements in core strength and toning.

However, relying solely on the stimulator without addressing other vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle is unlikely to produce the desired result

The Verdict: Grade D

The current product has been met with mixed reviews due to issues like incomplete packages, non-functioning units, and missing essential components, impacting its overall rating negatively. 

For a better experience, we recommend the NextGen Ab Stimulator, offering numerous advantages with few drawbacks.

Why Why Recommend The
NextGen Muscle Stimulator Instead

Best Overall
NextGen Muscle Stimulator

An all-in-on, portable stimulator that uses clinically proven NMES technology to improve your fitness on multiple levels.



Progressive Intensity

Muscle Stimulation

Customizable Settings

Ease of Maintenance

Value for Money

Portable Power

Effective Workout Feel

Suitable for Exercise Novices

Quality Adhesive Pads


❌ May Feel Uncomfortable Initially

❌ Not a Standalone Solution for Weight Loss

❌ Requires Consistent Use for Visible Results

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  1. Multitasking Convenience: This product allows users to stimulate their muscles while engaging in other activities like phone scrolling.
  2. Adjustable Intensity: Users can gradually increase intensity for a tailored workout experience.
  3. Effective Muscle Stimulation: Many users reported noticeable muscle toning over time.
  4. Personalized Settings: Choose the setting that fits your comfort level.
  5. Easy Maintenance & Portability: The product is easy to use, clean, store and impressively powerful for its small size.
  6. Good Value for Money & Workout Feel: Users felt they had a good workout, especially in the abdominal area, and found the product’s performance satisfactory for its price.
  7. Beginner-Friendly & Quality Adhesive Pads: This product suits novices and uses quality adhesive pads for an improved experience.


  1. Initial Discomfort: First-time users or those using higher intensities might find the sensation uncomfortable.
  2. Not for Weight Loss Alone: This device aids in muscle toning but doesn’t significantly contribute to weight loss without additional exercise and diet control.
  3. Requires Regular Use: Like any fitness product, significant changes require consistent use over time, which might discourage people seeking quick fixes.

Grade: A

Key Features:

  • First-of-its-kind wireless ab training device
  • 30-day risk free trial 
  • 2 Year Warranty

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: NextGen
  • Firm, Tone & Strengthen All Major Muscle Groups