Editorial Policy

Feel Peak is currently in a transitional phase and this begins with creating the highest quality content we can for our readership.

This editorial policy aims to set out the standards we strive for and the procedures we have in place to ensure our content is fair, unbiased, balanced, factually correct and delivered with integrity.

All members of the Feel Peak team are required to adhere to this editorial policy and this ensures that moving forward, our content is of the highest possible quality and stays true to those core values mentioned above.


The standard of writing should be of the highest possible quality and free from grammatical and spelling errors. Our writing aims to instill trust and a sense of authority – and this begins with the basic standards of written communication.

All writing on Feel Peak must be written by human hand and then passed through to our editing team. At the editing stage, any content that is not deemed acceptable or raises question marks over its factual accuracy shall initially be passed back to the writer.

Our writers are long standing in-house team members. This also helps us to maintain high standards of content.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our content schedule is designed based on the knowledge and expertise of our writers. All writers are required to demonstrate knowledge of the topics they are writing about and typically will be experts in their field.

Where we ask our expert writers to test and review products or services, we insist the testing phase is conducted for a minimum of 1 week for equipment and at least 1 month for supplements or services.

This ensures reviews are founded on real life experience using the product/service and allows us to offer in-depth insights that otherwise would not be possible.

Honesty Above All Else

As a reader supported website we do recommend products. Where we review products that we find it hard to recommend, we will tell you this. Oftentimes we will suggest an alternative.

Our testers and writers are instructed to give an honest assessment above all else. Although we have a commercial interest in promoting products, potential commissions should never impact the editorial content and integrity of recommendations.

Staying Up To Date

Our reviews and buying guides all include a published date or a last updated date. We aim to review all content every 6 months or where there is a significant update in the topic area we shall update as soon as possible.

The new editorial team has also inherited content from the previous Feel Peak team and this is currently being assessed and either updated or removed if required so that all content on the website falls in line with this editorial policy.

If you would like to contact us regarding any content that you feel does not meet our standards, please contact us via email at [email protected].