Best Incline Treadmill in 2023 (Burn More Calories, Faster)

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When it comes to burning calories and getting fit, not all treadmills are created equal. If you’re serious about getting the most out of your workouts, it’s worth looking into treadmills that offer an incline feature. 

By raising the deck of the treadmill, incline treadmills force you to work harder, which means you’ll burn more calories and see results faster. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which ones are the best? 

The Best Incline Treadmills – Our Top Picks

When looking for an incline treadmill, you want to make sure you choose a machine that can handle your workout needs. 

Each of these treadmills offers a unique set of features and benefits, making them great options for anyone looking to take their workouts to the next level.

Best Incline Treadmill Overall: Horizon 7.0 AT

Horizon Fitness 7.8 at Studio Series Smart Treadmill

Experience fast, smooth transitions between intervals using QuickDial controls to simplify adjustments without breaking your stride. Speed range from 0.5 – 12 mph and an incline range from 0 – 15% so you can walk, jog, or run.

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The Horizon 7.0 AT is an outstanding incline treadmill that stands out against its competitors. It features a powerful 3.5 CHP motor that can support running speeds up to 12 mph on a 60″ x 20″ running surface. The incline feature itself is adjustable up to 15% and can decline to -3% depending on the workout program you choose.

The 7.0 AT also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and an impressive sound system that will keep you motivated throughout your workout. Additionally, Horizon Fitness offers a free app that tracks your progress, provides customized workouts, and allows you to stream video content to keep you entertained while you exercise. 

This treadmill delivers exceptional performance and durability thanks to its patented FeatherLight Folding design that makes it easy to store when not in use.

Lastly, the Horizon 7.0 AT offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a three-year parts warranty, and a one-year labor warranty, giving you peace of mind that this is a top-quality product. 

All these features make the Horizon 7.0 AT the best incline treadmill overall in its class. It delivers an intense workout and makes fitness easy and fun, making it the ideal choice for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Don’t wait any longer, and get your hands on the Horizon 7.0 AT today.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill + 30-Day iFit Membership, NTL17122

0-12 MPH with -3% to 15% Incline; With AutoAdjust, iFIT Trainers change your speed and incline in real time to match the workout; Runners Flex tread deck softens every step; Wide 22” x 60” tread belt

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The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is a high-end treadmill designed for serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. It boasts a number of impressive features, including a powerful 4.0 CHP motor, a spacious 22-inch by 60-inch running surface, and a maximum incline of 15 percent.

Additionally, the Commercial 2450 comes equipped with a built-in touchscreen display that provides access to a wide range of workouts and entertainment options. 

This includes iFit compatibility, which allows users to access custom workouts, personalized coaching, and immersive virtual reality experiences.

Other notable features include a built-in fan, Bluetooth connectivity, and adjustable cushioning for added comfort. 

While the Commercial 2450 is understandably expensive, it is a top-of-the-line machine that provides a seriously impressive workout experience. For those serious about their fitness, it is definitely worth the investment.

Best Incline Treadmill for Running: NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

0-12 MPH with -3% to 15% Incline; With AutoAdjust, iFIT Trainers change your speed and incline in real time to match the workout; Runners Flex tread deck softens every step; Wide 22” x 60” tread belt

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When it comes to running on a treadmill, incline is a game-changer. It not only adds variation to your workout but also helps you target different muscle groups, making your overall fitness routine more effective. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is hands down the best incline treadmill on the market for runners.

With an inclination of up to 15%, this treadmill simulates an uphill run, perfect for building stamina, increasing endurance, and burning fat. The patented FlexSelect cushioning system reduces joint impact, providing a comfortable and safer workout experience. 

The 10-inch HD touchscreen display offers immersive and interactive training sessions with iFit Coach technology. You can browse through a vast library of interactive workout programs, simulate real-life terrains, and join virtual classes with world-renowned trainers.

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill also allows you to track your progress, set personalized goals, and compete with family and friends through its fitness tracker app. 

The treadmill’s sturdy design, quiet motor, and ample running space make it a perfect choice for runners looking to add an incline treadmill to their home gym. In conclusion, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill offers all that a runner needs – versatility, comfort, and motivation, making it the best incline treadmill for running.

Best Folding Incline Treadmill: Sole F63

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill

6 standard workouts, 2 custom workouts, and 2 heart-rate-controlled workouts

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The Sole F63 Folding Incline Treadmill is one of the best treadmills on the market today, offering a range of features that make it perfect for home use. 

To start with, its 3.0 CHP motor is capable of reaching speeds of up to 12 mph, making it suitable for runners of all levels. The cushion flex deck helps reduce the impact on your joints, making it easier to run for longer periods of time, and it can be inclined up to 15% to mimic running uphill. 

This makes it an excellent option for people who want to improve their endurance or burn more calories. The treadmill is also foldable, making it easy to store when you’re not using it. And with a 6.5″ LCD display and built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can keep yourself entertained and motivated while you work out. 

The Sole F63 Folding Incline Treadmill is a top-rated model that is perfect for users who want a quality treadmill that is both affordable and user-friendly. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a great workout without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Horizon Fitness T101

Horizon Fitness T101 Folding Treadmill with Incline

Ideal for small spaces, homes, and apartments! FeatherLight technology lets you effortlessly store this foldable treadmill between workouts with a one-step hydraulic folding system. Assembled dimensions are 71" x 33" x 57".

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The Horizon Fitness T101 is a popular and reliable treadmill for home use. It offers a variety of features that make it a great option for users of all fitness levels. 

The T101 boasts a sturdy frame and powerful motor that allow for a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. It also has a large running surface, measuring 20 inches by 55 inches, which provides ample space for users to walk, jog, or run comfortably. Additionally, the T101 includes multiple pre-programmed workouts and the ability to customize your own to fit your fitness goals. 

Other convenient features of the T101 include a built-in tablet holder, Bluetooth speakers, and a USB charging port. The folding design of the T101 also allows for easy storage when not in use. 

Users have praised the Horizon Fitness T101 for its ease of use, durability, and wide range of features. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, the Horizon Fitness T101 is a great choice for achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

Incline range and your space

When selecting an incline machine, one of the most significant factors to consider is the incline range and your available space. Incline machines come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough room in your home gym or workout space for the machine you choose.

 It’s essential to measure the space you have available before purchasing an incline machine, so you can find one that fits perfectly within your area. 

The incline range of the machine you select is equally important as it will largely determine the level of resistance you can benefit from during your workouts. Typically, incline trainers offer inclines between 10 and 40 degrees, so you’ll want to choose one that suits your fitness level and training goals. 

In addition, it’s worth noting that the higher the incline range, the more space the machine will take up in your home gym. Therefore, it’s vital to select an incline machine with an incline range and space that work together to provide you with a challenging yet comfortable workout.

 Finally, don’t forget to take into consideration any other gym equipment you may have and how it will work alongside the incline machine in your available space. By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you choose an incline machine that meets both your fitness needs and space requirements.

What should I look for when choosing an incline treadmill for my home gym?

When it comes to choosing an incline treadmill for your home gym, there are a few key features to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to pick a machine with a sturdy deck and frame that can withstand heavy use over time. 

You should also look for a treadmill that offers a range of inclines and speeds, so you can customize your workout to your fitness level and goals. Some models also come with pre-programmed workouts and entertainment features to make your workout more enjoyable.

 Additionally, it’s essential to choose a treadmill with a reliable motor that can handle your weight and the intensity of your workouts. Lastly, consider the size of the treadmill and how it will fit into your space. 

Make sure it’s easy to store when not in use, and that you have enough clearance around the machine for safe and comfortable workouts. By taking these factors into account, you can choose the best incline treadmill for your home gym and get the most out of your workouts.

Sunny Health Manual Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Foldable Manual Walking Treadmill, Gray

Non-Electric: Space-Saving, Treadmill Machine Requires No Electric Outlet Needed And Remains Low Maintenance. Easy Folding Functionality And Transportation Wheels Allow Easy Mobility And Storage.

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The Sunny Health Manual Walking Treadmill is a perfect solution for those who want to stay active but don’t have the space or budget for a full-size treadmill. This compact and foldable treadmill is perfect for walking, jogging or running and is designed to fit in small spaces. 

One of the standout features of this treadmill is the adjustable incline which allows users to increase the intensity of their workout by changing the slope of the treadmill. The treadmill is also equipped with a digital monitor which displays time, distance, speed, and calories burned. The monitor is easy to read and tracks your progress as you exercise.

 Additionally, this treadmill has a weight capacity of 220 lbs, making it suitable for most users. The Sunny Health Manual Walking Treadmill is also easy to assemble and no electrical outlet is required to operate it. Another feature of this treadmill is the soft drop hydraulic mechanism which makes it easy to fold and store the treadmill. 

Overall, the Sunny Health Manual Walking Treadmill is an affordable and space-saving way to stay active and fit.

Running deck

The running deck is an essential component of any treadmill. It is the surface on which you place your feet and helps to absorb the impact with each step while providing enough traction to keep you from sliding off. 

The quality of the deck can make a significant difference in your overall workout experience. A good running deck will be sturdy and have a smooth surface, allowing for a comfortable run without any unnecessary noise or vibration. 

It should also have a cushioning system to absorb shock and reduce stress on your joints, especially if you are a frequent runner or have joint problems. Many treadmills offer adjustable cushioning systems that you can customize to your liking. 

Additionally, the width and length of the deck are other factors to consider. A wider deck will provide more room for your feet, while a longer deck allows for a longer stride and a more natural running motion. 

Overall, investing in a treadmill with a high-quality running deck will make your workouts more enjoyable and efficient while providing a lower impact workout that is gentler on your joints.

Best Budget Incline Treadmill: XTERRA Fitness TR150

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

12 Preset Programs And 3 Manual Incline Settings Offer Unmatched Variety For Your Workouts

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For those on a tight budget, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is the perfect option. Despite its low price point, the TR150 still manages to offer impressive features that are typically reserved for higher-end models.

 With a durable steel frame and a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 10 mph, this treadmill can accommodate a variety of workouts for users up to 250 pounds. The TR150 also has a cushioned deck to help reduce impact on joints, making it a great choice for those looking to avoid injuries. 

The machine’s console is easy to navigate, featuring a large LCD display that shows distance, speed, time, and calories burned. Additionally, its incline can be adjusted manually up to 10 degrees, providing a challenging workout for users who want to take their fitness to the next level. 

Despite its compact size, the TR150 also has ample room for users to walk or run comfortably. Setup is a breeze, and the machine’s folding design makes it easy to store when not in use. Overall, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is an excellent value for those looking for a quality treadmill without breaking the bank.

Motorized or manual incline

When it comes to choosing between a motorized or incline, there are pros and cons to each option. A motorized incline means that the treadmill has a motor that will raise and lower the incline automatically with the touch of a button. 

This is great for those who want to vary their workout and simulate hill or mountain running. It also allows for more precise and gradual adjustments to the incline, as well as preset workout programs that incorporate incline changes.

The downside to a motorized incline is that it can be more expensive and may require more maintenance in the long run. On the other hand, adjusting the incline of the treadmill manually can be done by lifting the end of the treadmill and placing it at the desired height. While this option is generally less expensive and requires less maintenance, it can be more difficult to make precise incline adjustments. 

Additionally, if you want to vary your workout with different incline levels, you will need to manually adjust the incline each time. Ultimately, the decision between a motorized and manual incline comes down to personal preferences and priorities. If you want the convenience and precision of automatic adjustments, a motorized incline may be the better option for you. 

However, if cost-effectiveness and simplicity are more important, manually adjusting the incline may be the way to go.

What is the best incline to walk on?

One of the most popular forms of cardiovascular exercise is walking. It is a low-impact activity that can be done anywhere without any special equipment. 

One question that often arises is, what is the best incline to walk on? Flat surfaces can be a bit more comfortable for most beginners, but walking uphill or on an incline has several benefits. Walking uphill helps burn more calories, strengthens the legs and glutes, and improves cardiovascular health. 

However, walking on a steep incline might put excessive strain on the hip and knee joints, and it may not be suitable for people with knee or leg injuries. 

As a general rule, it’s good to walk on inclines that allow you to maintain a steady pace without feeling too winded or fatigued. 

A good starting point for most people is a 5% incline, which offers enough resistance to get your heart rate up without causing too much strain on the body. As your fitness level increases, you can gradually increase the incline to 7-10% or even higher. 

However, it’s also important to listen to your body and adjust the incline accordingly. If you feel any discomfort or pain in your joints, reduce the incline or stop altogether. Walking on an incline can be an excellent way to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals, but it’s essential to do it safely to avoid injury or strain.

Incline (and decline) levels

Incline levels are a crucial element in any workout routine. By adjusting the incline, you can tailor your workout to your specific goals. 

For example, increasing the incline on a treadmill or elliptical machine can simulate hiking or running uphill. This requires more effort from your glutes, quads, and calves, which can help to build muscle and burn fat. 

Additionally, higher incline levels can increase your heart rate, providing a more challenging cardiovascular workout. On the other hand, decreasing the incline (or using a decline) can work different muscle groups. 

When running or walking downhill, you engage your hamstrings and hip flexors more than when on level ground. This can improve your running stride and prevent injuries.

It’s important to note that everyone’s fitness level is different, so you should take it slow when adjusting the incline. Gradually increase the incline over time to avoid injury and give your muscles time to adapt. 

Additionally, it’s important to remember to stretch before and after your workout, especially your leg muscles to prevent cramping or strains.

 When designing your workout routine, make sure to incorporate various incline levels to challenge your body in different ways. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your fitness level can improve when you start incorporating incline (and decline) training into your routine.

What are the benefits of incline running and walking?

Incline running and walking provides many benefits beyond just a more intense workout. One of the most significant benefits is that it can help increase your metabolism and burn more calories. 

This is because climbing an incline requires more energy than walking or running on a flat surface. Additionally, incline training can also boost your cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your lower body muscles, improve your balance and stability, and reduce the risk of injury. It’s an effective and efficient way to work out, allowing you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Lastly, incline training can also help you avoid the boredom that can come with traditional indoor workouts. 

By changing up your routine and adding an incline, you add an element of challenge and excitement to your workout, which can help keep you motivated and engaged. Overall, incline running and walking can provide numerous benefits for people of all fitness levels, making it an excellent addition to any workout routine.

Which treadmills have the highest incline?

If you’re looking for a challenging workout on a treadmill, then the incline feature is a must-have. Fortunately, there are several models with high incline options to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences. 

One of the best is the NordicTrack Commercial 2950, which boasts a maximum incline of 40%. This means that you can simulate running uphill on a steep grade and get an intense workout for your legs and cardiovascular system. 

Another great option is the ProForm PRO-9000, which has a maximum incline of 15% and a decline of 3%. This allows you to mimic outdoor running conditions and train for any terrain. 

The Bowflex BXT216 is also a solid choice, with a maximum incline of 15%, and the ability to fold up for easy storage when not in use. Other treadmills with high incline options include the Sole F85 (15%), the Horizon 7.8 AT (15%), and the LifeSpan TR7000i (15%). 

When choosing a treadmill with a high incline, make sure to consider other features such as durability, speed, and user-friendly controls. With the right treadmill, you can take your fitness routine to new heights – quite literally.

Best Under-Desk Treadmill with Incline: Egofit Walker

Egofit Walker Pro M1 Smallest Under Desk Electric Walking

Our small treadmill for apartment special designed to fit with adjustable standing desk at office & Home office due to its compact size.

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If you’re looking for an under-desk treadmill with incline, the Egofit Walker is one of the best options on the market. This treadmill features a compact design that can easily fit under most desks, making it perfect for anyone who wants to stay active while working. 

With its built-in incline, you can get a more intense workout than you would on a flat surface, making it a great option for anyone who wants to burn more calories and work on their overall fitness. One of the key features of the Egofit Walker is its quiet motor, which ensures that you can keep working without any distracting noise. 

The treadmill also comes with a handy remote control that allows you to adjust the speed and incline as you see fit, making it easy to customize your workout to your preferences. And thanks to its sturdy construction, you can feel confident that the Egofit Walker will last for years, even with frequent use. 

Overall, the Egofit Walker is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stay active while working. Its compact size, quiet motor, and built-in incline make it versatile and user-friendly, while its sturdy construction ensures that it will stand up to frequent use. 

Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness levels or work on your overall health, the Egofit Walker is a great investment that can help you achieve your goals.

Incline Settings

The incline setting on a treadmill is a key feature that provides a more challenging workout than a flat surface. By adjusting the incline, you can target different muscle groups and increase the intensity of your workout. Running or walking on an incline can engage your glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles, making your workout more effective. In addition, incline training is a great way to increase your cardiovascular endurance. 

By adjusting the incline, you can simulate hill training and improve your overall fitness level. When using the incline setting, it’s important to start at a low level and gradually increase the intensity. 

This will help prevent injury and allow your body to adjust to the new demands of the workout. By incorporating incline training into your routine, you can mix up your workouts and keep your body challenged. 

Whether you’re training for a race or just looking to increase your fitness level, the incline setting on a treadmill is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try and see the results for yourself!

What incline burns the most calories on a treadmill?

When it comes to burning calories on a treadmill, incline can play a crucial role in determining how effective your workout will be. The higher the incline, the more calories you’ll burn because your body has to work harder to overcome the resistance created by the angle of the machine. 

In general, the steeper the incline, the more energy you’ll expend, and the quicker you’ll see results. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should aim for the steepest incline possible. In fact, striving for too high of an incline too soon can lead to injuries and burnout, so it’s important to gradually increase the incline over time. 

Experts recommend starting with a 1-2% incline and working your way up as you become more comfortable. As you get into better shape, you can start to experiment with higher inclines, eventually working up to 7-8% or even 10% if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. 

Just remember to stay safe and listen to your body – burning calories is important, but not at the expense of your health. By finding the right balance between incline and intensity, you can create a workout that is both challenging and rewarding.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Incline Treadmills

When purchasing an incline treadmill, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure you get the best machine to suit your needs. Firstly, you should consider the incline range, which is the ability of the treadmill to adjust the incline of the running platform. 

Look for a treadmill with an incline range of at least 10%. This will give you the ability to replicate a hill workout and engage different muscle groups in your legs. 

Secondly, you should look at the motor power, as this will determine the intensity and durability of your workouts. A treadmill with a higher motor power will be able to provide a more challenging workout.

 Thirdly, you should consider the size of the running deck, as this will determine how comfortable your workout will be. A larger deck will give you more room to move around and prevent slipping. 

Finally, you should look for additional features such as built-in workout programs, heart rate monitoring, and connectivity options, which can help you monitor your progress and make your workouts more engaging. 

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose an incline treadmill that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Weight capacity of incline tread mills

Incline treadmills are unique machines that have the ability to simulate uphill running or walking. While they have been popularized for their ability to burn more calories than traditional treadmills, their weight capacity is an important factor to consider. 

The weight capacity of an incline treadmill varies depending on the brand and model. The majority of incline treadmills have a weight capacity ranging from 225 to 350 pounds. It’s important to take note of the weight capacity when purchasing an incline treadmill, as exceeding the weight limit could result in injury and damage to the equipment. 

When determining the weight capacity, manufacturers typically consider the durability and stability of the treadmill’s frame, the strength of the motor, and the thickness and quality of the treadmill belt. In addition to the weight capacity, it’s crucial to ensure that the incline treadmill is used on a stable surface, further reducing the risk of injury. 

Ultimately, those seeking to purchase an incline treadmill should prioritize selecting a machine with a weight capacity suitable for their needs, as it will help ensure the durability and longevity of the equipment, and protect the user from potential harm.

What incline should I use on a treadmill if I want to lose weight?

When it comes to using a treadmill for weight loss, the incline is a crucial factor that can significantly impact the intensity and effectiveness of your workout. 

So, what incline should you use to achieve your weight loss goals? The answer depends on your fitness level, goals, and overall health. Generally, the optimal incline for weight loss is between 1-5%. 

This range will challenge your muscles, burn calories, and increase your heart rate without putting too much stress on your joints. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a lower incline, around 1-2%, and gradually increase it as you build up your endurance. 

On the other hand, if you’re already in good shape and looking for a more intense workout, you can try higher inclines up to 10%. It’s important to note that using a high incline can increase the risk of injuries and put more strain on your muscles, so it’s crucial to listen to your body and adjust your incline accordingly. 

Ultimately, the key to weight loss on a treadmill is consistency and pairing your workouts with a healthy, balanced diet. By using the right incline, you can maximize your treadmill workouts and achieve your weight loss goals faster and more effectively.

Speed Range of Incline tread millsper line. Or hit the magic button.

The speed range of incline treadmills is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a treadmill for your fitness program. The speed range of an incline treadmill is measured in miles per hour (mph), and it determines how fast or slow the machine can move. 

The average speed range of an incline treadmill ranges from 0-12 mph, but some models can go up to 15 mph or more. 

The speed range of an incline treadmill is vital because it allows you to vary the intensity of your workout. 

For example, if you’re looking for a cardio workout, you can set the speed to a higher level, while if you’re interested in burning calories and toning your muscles, you can reduce the speed and increase the incline. 

A higher speed range also allows you to simulate outdoor running, which can help you prepare for marathons or other races. However, before choosing an incline treadmill with a high speed range, it’s essential to ensure that it has safety features such as handrails and safety keys to prevent accidents during high-speed workouts. 

Overall, the speed range of incline treadmills is an essential consideration for anyone interested in improving their fitness level and achieving their fitness goals.