Get Help From an Online Personal Trainer: The Best Personal Training to Get In Shape

Peak Online Personal Training gives you everything you need to get in shape and feel better
Lose Fat
Build Muscle
Feel Better

It’s hard to get in shape when you’re confused about how to exercise effectively and stressed about what to eat.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably struggled to lose stubborn excess fat or gain lean muscle that other people seem to put on effortlessly.

There’s real science involved in ensuring that people have the optimal exercise and nutrition plan. It’s crucial to follow a program made specifically for YOUR body to get YOU results.

In an ideal world, you would have all this done for you and a personal trainer to guide you through every step of the way.

This is what you get with Peak Online Personal Training. We take all of that stress and uncertainty away by giving you 1:1 guidance from a top online personal trainer. You’ll be shown how to build a head-turning physique by following manageable workouts and eating tasty foods without the need to starve yourself.

If you’ve been left frustrated after trying to get in shape, it’s not your fault; you just haven’t found the right help yet.

Look Your Best. Hit Your Peak.

Shed Fat or Just Get Lean

Get Big or Just Tone Up

Boost Body Confidence

Amp Up Your Energy

Get a Better Night's Sleep

Improve Your Daily Health

Peak Online Personal Training Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed

1:1 Coaching From a Certified Personal Trainer

Personalized Workouts

Personalized Meal Plan

Results Tracking

Optional Welcome Call With Your Personal Trainer

Weekly Check-In With Your Personal Trainer

Monthly Review With Your Personal Trainer

24 Hour Support From Your Personal Trainer

Instructional Videos For Each Exercise

Android / iOS App

App Syncing to Your Smart Devices

More Than Just Fitness

Take The Confusion Out of Exercise

Your personal trainer uses 23 data points on your needs and circumstances to create a workout plan designed to get results for your body.

This means that you can exercise worry-free, knowing that every workout you complete takes you one step closer to your dream body. This is personal training done right.

Workouts that fit your lifestyle

Prefer home workouts first thing in the morning? Great! Love hitting the gym after work? That’s fine too. Your personal trainer will create a training plan to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Bust the myths

Think you need to go on long, boring runs every day to burn off excess weight? Think that as a woman, lifting weights makes you bulky? Think again. You'll see how the big fitness myths get busted as your fitness trainer helps you build the figure you want.

Keep it interesting

Know what kills progress even faster than injuries? Boredom. Your personal trainer varies your program month to month to make sure you stay motivated and look forward to your workouts. However, you’ll always follow exercises that take you closer to your dream body.

Take The Stress Out of Healthy Eating

Your nutritionist uses 26 data points on your needs and circumstances to create a fully customized meal plan designed to work in perfect harmony with your body.

This means that you can stop stressing about what to eat and know that every meal works towards burning fat and gaining lean muscle. This is a crucial part of personal training and, if done wrong, can halt your results in their track.

Great tasting food that gets results

You won’t lose weight (or keep it off) eating foods you hate. With your meal plan, you’re not forced to eat steamed rice and cabbage every night. You’ll enjoy great-tasting meals that firm your figure, energize you, and leave you WANTING to eat healthier.

No need to starve yourself

Starving yourself can ultimately be the path to putting on even more weight. Your personal trainer will show you how to eat so you’re losing weight and building muscle safely and easily, without cutting carbs or going hungry on tiny portions.

No restricted foods or alcohol

Iron discipline might be one way to drop the excess pounds, but it’s not something most of us have. With Peak Online Personal Training, you don’t need it. Your meal plan includes tasty treats, so you’ll rock a bikini or look incredible shirtless while still enjoying the occasional temptation.

Get The Guidance You Need For The Results You Want

It may sound obvious, but not having the correct information and guidance on how to exercise and eat to lose fat and build muscle is why so many people are left miserable after trying to get in shape.

This is why 1:1 dedicated guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer is often the difference between getting the result you want and wasting time, effort, and money, only to be left frustrated after little change.

Get questions answered by your fitness coach

What are the best exercises to really hit your chest or glutes? If you’re out for a meal with friends, what can you eat to stay within healthy limits? Find out anything you want to know by simply messaging your personal trainer.

Find real accountability and motivation

Instagram motivational quotes are cute, but they won’t help you hit your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will give you open, honest feedback and accountability, so you keep moving closer to the body you've always wanted.

Break through plateaus

“Stalls” can not only be discouraging but derail your efforts to get in shape. But, not this time. If you hit a frustrating plateau, your personal trainer and nutritionist will adjust your plan, so you smash past the stall and keep losing weight or bulking up.

The Experts Helping You Shape Your Better Body

Victoria Engelmann

Head of Training

YMCA Level 2 Personal Training Certification
YMCA TRX Certification
CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certification
CrossFit Kids Certification
OPEX Certification in process
Combined Education/ Experience of 10+ Years

Victoria’s fitness background has covered a diverse range of environments and experiences, leading to her belief system that there is never a “one size fits all approach to fitness.”

Moreover, her personal training work goes beyond the realms of CrossFit. She works with complete beginners, those with past and present injuries requiring mobility and prehab work as well as those with strong fitness backgrounds and ongoing goals.

Felicia Newell

Head of Nutrition

Registered Dietitian
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition
Combined Education/ Experience of 12+ Years
Helped Over 1000 Clients

Felica has a strong fitness & wellness background including working at university research centers for 8+ years and in healthcare/private practice for 6+ years.

She is passionate about helping others fight through the massive amounts of nutrition misinformation in the online world, and to navigate life and health as well as develop a healthy relationship with food, but most importantly, enjoying it while doing it.

3 Simple Steps to Your New Body


Choose Your Program Period

To start building the body you want, simply choose a 1, 3, or 6-month personal training program. 1-month programs are billed month-to-month, so you aren’t locked into a contract, and it’s easy to cancel.


Tell Us About Yourself

After sharing a little about your training ability, goals, and lifestyle, your personal trainer and nutritionist tailor your workouts and meal plan to fit with your life. You'll get results that slash fat, build strength, and increase lean muscle faster.



Your personal trainer and nutritionist deliver your first month's personal training program to you within 3 days. You can access your “fitness blueprint” on both the website and mobile app, as well as message or ask questions any time you want.

Start Your Journey to Look and Feel Great

We strongly recommend that you commit to at least 3 months with us.

1 Month


Was $337
Billed monthly (you can cancel at any time)
3 Months


Was $957
$217 per month thereafter and recurring
6 Months
Save 33%


Was $1797
$197 per month thereafter and recurring

Everything included in all 3 plans

100% personalized workout program from a certified personal trainer

Created around your life to get YOU the best results.

100% personalized meal plan from a certified nutritionist

Designed for your needs and preferences so you shed fat and gain lean muscle.

Optional 15-minute onboarding welcome call with your personal trainer

Clear up any questions before you get started.

Unlimited instant messaging support from your personal trainer

Always be able to get help whenever you may need it.

Weekly check-ins and monthly review with your personal trainer

The help and accountability you need to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Exercise video library to help you work out better

Instructional exercise videos help you train safely and get better results.

Custom app to manage your workouts and nutrition

A simple-to-use app to keep you organized and on track with your workouts and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Peak Online Personal Training?

For us, getting fit and healthy is about more than looking great. We hope you think that way too, because when you follow The Peak Online Personal Training, these are some of the other benefits you’re likely to experience…

Look great: Looking great isn’t hard when you follow the right training and nutrition program. And when you do that consistently, your result is a body you’ve always dreamed of.

Feel better: Regular exercise doesn’t just make your body fitter; it can also make you feel happier and more positive.

Have more confidence: As your body shape improves, you’ll start to love what you see in the mirror, and you’ll feel more confident than ever!

Enjoy better sleep: Exercise has been shown to not just ease sleep-related problems but give you a better night’s sleep.

Have more energy: Combine a more nutritious diet with increased movement, and you’ll probably notice a boost in energy levels throughout the day.

What makes Peak Online Personal Training different from other programs?

Most cheaper online personal training programs use generic workout and meal plan templates sold over and over again with small modifications. These programs don’t take any of your needs into account, which is a CRUCIAL part of success with fitness. Plus, many of these programs don’t include the help of an experienced personal trainer or nutritionist- both of which you get with Peak Online Personal Training.

What if I don't know how to use the gym equipment for my workouts?

No problem! You’ll have instructional videos of every exercise to follow, right inside your mobile app. Before you start any exercise, you’ll know exactly how to do it just by watching on your phone.

Will I need access to a gym?

No, you don’t need a gym membership to do the workouts. If you don’t have access to a gym, your personal trainer will design a fat-burning, fit-boosting workout you can do at home, with whatever equipment you have (even if it’s just a mat!).

I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, how easy is the food to cook?

We understand that people don’t want to spend lots of time cooking, so we make sure meal plans are simple to cook but never boring. If you happen to get meals you’re not comfortable cooking, then your nutritionist can switch them out for you.

I am on a budget; how expensive will my food be?

Eating healthy, delicious foods doesn’t have to be expensive, and we’ll show you how to do it. We cap our meal plans at a maximum of $100 per week, and on average, our meal plans cost less than that. The result is you get great-tasting food that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Do the meal plans allow for specific dietary requirements and allergies?

100%! Your nutritionist will note whatever allergies or dietary requirements you have and will create your meal plan with them in mind.

If I have an injury, can I still take part in the online personal training program?

Everyone, and every injury, is different, so it’s hard to answer this without knowing specifics. If you’re worried your injury could hamper you, please get in touch before joining, and we’ll help you out. If your injury isn’t a deal-breaker, your personal trainer will design workouts that limit stress and strain to the affected area so you can train with little risk of re-injury.

Are there any age restrictions?

“Age is just a number” may sound cliché, but when it comes to finding better health and fitness, it’s spot on! We help motivated people anywhere from age 18 all the way up to older folks in their 70s.

I travel frequently, is this a problem?

No, it’s not a problem. Your personal trainer can design an effective workout that works around your travel schedule. Your nutritionist can also advise you on how to organize eating while traveling, so you still get as much benefit as possible.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. You can easily and quickly cancel anytime from within your account. Plus, you’ll still have access to your training program, meal plan, and all your data until your latest month runs out.

How long does it take to get my online personal training program once I’ve paid?

The moment you join, your personal trainer and nutritionist go to work to design your 100% customized workout and meal plans. You’ll have both in your app within 3 days, ready for you to start making steps to a fitter, better you.

Who gives me my online personal training program?

When you join Peak Online Personal Training, you’ll have your own personal trainer who works with you 1:1. Along with answering questions and doing check-ins, they also plan your training program each month.

Who gives me my meal plan?

Along with your fitness trainer, you also have a nutritionist who whips up a tasty, healthy meal plan for you each month.

How customized are my workouts?

All workouts are 100% customized to all our clients and designed by a top certified personal trainer with years of experience. Your workouts will be 100% optimized for your specific needs, including gender, age, body type, equipment available to you, training age, and of course, your fitness goals.

How customized are my meal plans?

Your meal plans are 100% customized and designed by a top certified nutritionist. Your meal plans will be tailored for your specific needs, including gender, age, body type, dietary requirements, disliked foods, allergies, and of course, your fitness goals.

How often do my workouts change?

It varies person to person, but your fitness trainer will be monitoring your progress. If they, or you, feel a change is needed, we’ll accommodate that for you to ensure you’re on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Is my personal trainer a real person?

Absolutely. You’ll be working 1:1 with a top certified personal trainer with years of experience. They’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You’ll meet your personal trainer on the welcome video call. That same trainer will check in with you weekly and will be available via instant message support whenever you need them.

How will I communicate with my personal trainer?

You can contact your coach whenever you like, 24 hours a day, via instant message through our desktop and mobile app.

How soon will my personal trainer respond to my messages?

Your coach will always reply within 24 hours at the latest; however, you’ll usually get a response much faster. Your coach will always get back to you as fast as possible.

How often will my personal trainer check in with me?

Your coach will check in with you every 7 days. They’ll monitor your progress towards your fitness goals and will check that everything’s going well with your mindset, workouts, and diet. If there’s an issue or you think something needs to be adjusted, your coach is there to help you.

How does my personal trainer measure my progress?

Your personal trainer will measure your progress based on scale weight, photo progress shots, and relative strength.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

If you complete your workouts and follow your meal plan, you’ll start to see results within the first month. Everybody is different, and some will see more progress than others. We recommend working with us for at least 3 months so we can help you achieve good results. Results don’t come overnight, but if you’re willing to stick with it, we’ll get you the results you want.

Is the online personal training program only for people in the United States?

No, our online personal trainers work with clients from all over the world, including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. The only thing to consider is that all communication is in English.