Real Living Nutrition has acquired Real Living Nutrition – an online resource that has been dedicated to bringing high quality information around a healthy and balanced diet, nutrition and supplementation to it’s readers.

As an organization, we here at Feel Peak felt that Real Living Nutrition was an ideal fit for where we wanted to take our content – with a real focus on nutrition – to complement the existing content we have around physical fitness.

This acquisition has allowed us to keep the original resources of Real Living Nutrition alive – and bring them to Feel Peak.

What Is Real Living Nutrition?

Real Living Nutrition’s services included online nutrition coaching and wellness programs, a blog dedicated to healthy cooking and wellness, employee wellness programs, and a Virtual Nutrition Outpatient Clinic for healthcare providers and hospitals. Real Living Nutrition aimed to present real information for real life.

Real Living Nutrition understood the need for affordable nutrition services that are not only easily accessible but also practical. Their approach was grounded in providing real information for everyday life. The foundation of their online programs drew inspiration from the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle.

They had a simple but effective strategy of promoting the consumption of whole foods, aiming to replace a diet heavily reliant on processed foods. Their philosophy emphasized the quality of food over numerics such as calories, carbs, and fat count.

They understood that everyone has certain indulgences, such as grandma Lindy’s Easter bread, and they believed such treats are beneficial for the soul. Their primary objective was to guide you in balancing food choices in a health-conscious manner.

Online Coaching

Their online coaching programs stand apart due to the personalized support provided to each client. Whether your goal is to boost your energy, manage a health condition like Type 2 Diabetes, or simply improve how you feel, Real Living Nutrition is committed to assisting you in finding long-term solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Who They Were

Real Living Nutrition had been offering online nutrition programs since 2005. Their team comprised a diverse group of professionals, including Registered Dietitians, writers, recipe developers, marketing experts, and technology wizards. They all shared a common vision: to inspire healthy choices.

The Core Philosophy

Whether it’s a recipe that sparks your interest, an article that provides a fresh perspective to a problem you’re facing, or a breakthrough e-coaching session with your dietitian, Real Living Nutrition thrived on providing accurate and beneficial information to help you lead your best life. Their services were all about your individual needs and aspirations.

Feel Peak & Real Living Nutrition

Following the acquisition of Real Living Nutrition, Feel Peak now has the opportunity to continue their legacy and showcase some of their finest work as a point of reference.

Some Of Our Top Nutrition Posts

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