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How to Use a Vibration Plate Machine to Lose Weight


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Losing weight is a journey that most of us have embarked on at least once in our lives. Some people may do it for the looks, while some go on this path to be healthy. Whatever the reason is, the goal is the same – to lose weight.

While there are tried and tested methods for weight loss like traditional exercise, there are ways to complement this journey. Full body vibration machines are one of those. You might have some questions, like, “Can you achieve your desired goals?”, and “How has one lost weight through a vibrating machine?” Read below to find out all there is to know about this machine for weight loss. Before buying one, check out these top vibration machines.

What Are Vibration Machines?

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Don’t confuse a vibration machine with a vibrating belt. They are used for the same purpose but are not the same. When vibration machines first came to light, many people thought they were similar.

While a vibrating belt wraps around your waist, vibration machines are completely standalone units. The machine can shake the entire body while performing a vibration plate exercise. It’s important to note that these machines are not magical creations that make you look perfect overnight, rather it’s an aid to your existing routine.

Vibrations on these machines can go as fast as 50 shakes per second. It’s a passive exercise approach to your weight loss goal, and you must be active while on the machine.

Full body vibration machines come in different shapes and sizes. But the foundation is common where the vibrations take place. You stand on the machine and work your way around. Depending on the manufacturer, the machine may or may not come with a support structure such as handles.

How Does it Work?

While there are benefits to electrical muscle stimulation, vibration machines offer a different kind of conditioning for your upper body.

Vibration training is nothing new for athletes. It has been used to tone and condition their physique to improve the efficiency of vibration training. The vibration usually occurs from a horizontal plane where you can stand, sit, or lie down and extend depending on the body workout that you are performing.

The goal of the machine is to send a vibration to different muscle groups in the body. In return, the muscle contraction increases, your tissues get added stimulation, and the tendons get conditioned. As a result, your built muscles help you lose weight further.

The effectiveness of vibration training on weight loss is yet to be scientifically acclaimed. Small groups of people have reported weight loss when paired with a proper diet and exercise, including reduced calorie intake.

Benefits of Vibration Training

Vibration machines are becoming more common in gyms nowadays. Home users are also buying vibration machines for their home arsenal in low quantities since most people don’t know how to use vibration plates for weight loss. This equipment is usually compact and easy to carry. You can attach resistance bands to take things even further.

Whether the hype is real or not, vibration machines can certainly yield some health benefits for people who want to lose weight on their abdomen. The fat stored there is known as visceral fat. You can learn more about an electrical ab stimulator if that is your primary goal. A top rated ab toning belt will also help in losing weight on your upper body.

Weight Loss

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Although not enough scientific research has been done, vibration machines do come with weight loss properties. But it won’t happen if you only stand or sit on the platform. You must pair a vibration plate exercise like squats, crunches, or step-ups to see the real benefit.

While exercising with fitness equipment, vibration can add stress to the muscles and contract them more than usual. The extra contraction accelerates muscle growth. Building muscle is key to faster and healthier weight loss on your upper body.

Blood Pressure Regulation

A vibration machine for weight loss can reduce arterial stiffness and lower the risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious concern, and it can lead to other health problems. By pairing it with a few exercises, vibration therapy might quickly bring your arteries’ flexibility up and improve blood circulation throughout your body. Vibration training is also good for heart disease, diabetes, and more when accompanied by resistance bands.

Improves Muscle Strength

One of the many purposes of exercising is strength training. The more you can tone your muscles, the stronger they get. Vibrations from the machine can increase contraction rates in the muscles. The body vibration platform is a good way to get your strength up in a short amount of time.

Improvement in Shape

One of the primary reasons why people want to get into weight loss is to look good. Vibration machines do wonders in terms of body conditioning. The muscles work hard from all different angles, and it results in amazing body composition and contour. You can perform a weight-aided body workout on a body vibration platform for fat burning as well.

How to Use a Vibration Machine to Lose Weight

To fully utilize the potential of any vibration machine, you must learn how to do exercises that matter. Calisthenic exercises are best to pair with vibration machines. Calisthenic exercises are the ones where no equipment is necessary. These exercises are rhythmic movements or bodyweight vibration training. Sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, etc., are the most common form of bodyweight exercise.

It starts with you getting comfortable with the body vibration platform. Most machines shake at very high frequencies. Set the vibration to one you can tolerate. Once you feel comfortable, you can start doing exercises like sit-ups and push-ups. The vibration adds to the motion of the body workout and accelerates weight loss by burning body fat.

Exercises to Do on a Vibration Machine

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A machine for weight loss doesn’t exist. Weight loss is a journey composed of multiple components like diet, exercise, and healthy eating. Vibration training can complement your journey but cannot be the sole form of exercise.

Let’s go over a few vibration plate exercises that you can do on a body vibration platform. The most important thing is to resist the temptation to increase your calorie intake once you are done.

Split Squats

Vibration training may seem a little tricky in the beginning as there are no standing squats. Set the ball of your right foot on the vibration machine while placing your left foot flat on the floor, so it touches the platform. Place your right foot a little behind, so you get a stable stance.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Focus on your knee and bend it to perform a squat until your right foot reaches a 90-degree position.

Isometric Squats

Isometric squats are done by putting both feet on the body vibration platform. Stand on the vibration and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Stand back up and repeat after a short rest. You might feel burning on the front of your thigh, but endure this if you want to get better and gain muscle.


During this vibration training exercise, you’ll be putting your hands on the body vibration platform with your chest towards the surface. Extend your legs. Lie down comfortably, keeping your heels, hips, feet, hands, and shoulders as aligned as possible. Now, your body can start to burn fat along with improved blood circulation and reduce back pain.

If you think a vibration machine is too much, you can learn about the areas targeted by a handheld massager.

You can also do aerobic exercises on the machine for weight loss. You should check your calorie intake from a certified nutritionist to ensure your body composition goes the way you want it to by burning body fat.


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