How to Set Your New Year’s Running Resolution (And Stick to It!)

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How to Set Your New Year’s Running Resolution (And Stick to It!)


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It’s easy to say “I’m going to run more in 2023″… but sticking to New Year’s resolutions is a lot harder than just saying them out loud.  Whether you’re looking to run your first half marathon, your first 5K, or just hit the treadmill at the gym more often, we’ve got some great tips to give your stick-to-it-iveness a kick in the rump, runners’ style!

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere

And don’t be stingy. Two bribes are better than one!

We suggest a pre-resolution shopping trip—snag some good gear to go running in. Stuff that makes you feel stylish, speedy, and psyched up: a good pair of shoes, some quality running socks, a supportive sports bra, and a great running outfit.  When you look good, you feel good—plus you’ll have looking sleek to look forward to when you hit the track. One rule: no lounging in your exercise gear!

But you want a goal to work toward as well.  Is there a blu-ray box set you just haven’t been able to justify buying yourself? A spa trip? Set mini-goals, and as you achieve them, put some in your Treat Yo’self Fund.

Put Your Reputation on the Line

Okay, maybe that’s putting it a little dramatically, but committing to a charity run or a race is a great way to make your resolution a little more resolute. It’ll also give your training a bit more focus, which can help motivate you.  If you’ve got friends and colleagues sponsoring you for a February Sweetheart run for breast cancer, you’ll have even more of a reason to get out there and get moving!

Two’s Company

Letting ourselves down is easy—that’s why resolutions are so hard to keep. But knowing your buddy is sweating away on the treadmill at the gym by herself because you decided to sleep in is a little harder on the psyche, in a good way. Plus, having an exercise partner is just straight up good for you (and them!).  Misery loves company (and so does triumph!).  Pick a partner you’ll love to commiserate with, and one you’ll love celebrating with, too.

Take a Secret Selfie

A young woman taking a selfie of herself

You might be feeling down on yourself after the holiday binge-stravaganza that the season’s social scene foists upon us, but trust us on this one. Having a before picture is a great motivator, because it’s tough sometimes to see progress day to day—it’s just so gradual! But when you’ve been jogging off the pounds and tightening up those glutes for a few weeks, you’ll treasure the ability to make the comparison.

Put Some Sizzle in Your Social Media

Otherwise known as fake it till you make it: Be enthusiastic about your resolution. Whether you’re sharing progress and workouts through an app that posts to Facebook, or Snapchatting your post-running smoothie with a sweaty smile, be loud and proud about your resolution! When you accept being a runner as part of your identity, you’ll realize it’s something you’re doing, not just something you’re “trying out.”

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