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How to Make Crushed Ice in a Blender


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Whether it’s hot outside or you just want a cold drink, making crushed ice can come in handy in many situations. While the idea of crushed ice might seem simple, it’s hard to perfect. In most cases, you’re left with pieces of ice that are either too large or too little.

Ideally, crushed ice should be even in texture. You can achieve it with help from a blender in a few easy steps. That’s where today’s post comes into play. We’ll go through the step-by-step guide on how to crush ice in a blender.

Step 1: Grab the User Manual

If you’re putting ice in a blender, it’s best to know if the blender is suitable for crushing ice beforehand. It can damage the blades of your blender if it’s not meant to grind chunks of ice. Look up the manual to see whether it can blend ice or not.

If you have a processor or blender, it should handle ice with ease. You can also watch a review on your specific blender to be completely sure.

Step 2: Grab the Ice

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It doesn’t matter what size and shape the ice is because you’re putting it into a blender. However, small ice cubes are generally the best way to go. Once you bring the ice out from the freezer, let it sit for a few minutes before you put it in the blender.

Step 3: Turn the Blender On

Gently fill the jar or glass pitcher and make sure to leave enough space for the chunks of ice to bounce around. Putting too much ice in the blender is a hard temptation to resist, but you must do it to crush ice perfectly.

Once the ice cubes are in, secure the lid before pressing the pulse button. A little advice while blending – add a little water before closing the lid. It will prevent the cubes from sticking to each other while ice crushing.

Step 4: Pulse Away

It’s time for the fun part. Press the pulse button if your blender has one, or push the jar downwards to get the motor going. A good rule of thumb is not to blend for too long at once. Hold the pulse button for a few seconds each time. As long as your blender has the horsepower to crush ice, you’ll notice it breaking down into smaller chunks. Keep blending until you’re happy with the consistency.

Step 5: Strain the Water

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Straining the water is a crucial step. If you follow it well, you’ll achieve the texture you’re after. If you added water before blending, the crushed ice might get a little too diluted. Not to mention, the heat from the motor and the friction during the blending will melt some of the ice as well.

Do you want a watery drink? No. So, strain the crushed ice until every little drop of water is out. If you don’t have a strainer, you can use a cloth or something else that can block the mouth of the jar. Then drain the water carefully. Don’t let ice fall around the container lid, or you might lose some of the ice.

How to Crush Ice without a Blender

If you don’t have a blender, you should invest in one. You can read our top blenders under $50 article to start. For what it takes, there are other ways to make crushed ice. (Disclaimer: it might annoy the neighbors).

Pour hot water on your cubes when starting and wrap them in a cloth or a towel. You can hit it with a hammer or smash it on the floor. Once you’re satisfied, strain the water as mentioned above.

It’s best to keep in mind that you cannot achieve blender-like fineness from manual ice crushing. You must also be careful because you might accidentally hurt yourself or damage the floor while crushing ice.

Final Thoughts

When crushing ice in a blender, follow the steps as closely as you can. It might take a few tries before you get the texture you want. Don’t give up on the first try and experiment with the process to make it perfect.

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