How Long Should You Have a Personal Trainer

Written by: Victoria Engelmann

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In this article, you will learn how long you should have a personal trainer, what factors determine this, and how it differs from person to person.

To get the best results from personal training, you should work with a personal trainer for at least three months. If you’re new to fitness, you should consider working with your fitness coach for at least six months.

Experts in every field hear their fair share of vague, yet equally valid, questions.

For personal trainers, one of those questions include.

“How long should I have a personal trainer for?”

To get straight to the point, 6 months is a good start but there is much more to be considered when deciding on the length of time you should commit to personal training.

Top considerations for choosing how much time to commit to a personal trainer:

Well, how long is a piece of string? The length of time you should be prepared to commit to working with a personal trainer and your fitness program varies greatly based your own personal needs.

And, if it’s not obvious to you already, personal training, whether it be online or face to face, is a method of fitness that is as personalized as you can get.

While you might agree, you might also be thinking:

“Is a personal trainer really that much more beneficial than if I simply showing up to my favorite spin or weights class 3-5 per week? Afterall, it’s cheaper and will probably get me to my goals.”

This is a route a lot of people choose, but it’s also one that doesn’t appreciate as much over time. A personal trainer’s focus is entirely on you. They understand your training history, medical conditions, past injuries, aspirations and goals. The added value is pretty obvious in the very fact that helping you achieve your goals is their top priority.

How long do you need to commit to lasting change and not a “quick fix?”

Whatever your reasons are for hiring a personal trainer, whether it be for weight loss, muscle gain, reversing the mental and physical effects of aging, or for general health and wellbeing, your fitness should never be considered a “quick fix.” One’s physical wellness parallels mental wellness and it is a lifetime commitment. You should be prepared and excited for this journey!

How long will you need to stay accountable?

An exceedingly common reason for hiring a personal trainer is accountability. Life can get in the way, and regularly looking after one’s own health is usually last on the list of our weekly priorities.

In deciding to begin working with a trainer, you’ve already moved one step close towards reaching your goals. Why? Because you now possess a support system for as long as you need it. Undoubtedly, there will be days when your motivation might be lacking and a personal trainer will be a pillar of support when it’s most needed.

And while having a personal trainer will make working out less effortful, it will take time and consistency for your training to become habitual. If your personal trainer is truly invested in helping you create long-term positive habits, then committing to your fitness trainer for at least 6 months will allow not just your body to change, but your mindset as well. You will be able to create a routine and mindset around fitness that will expand outside of your sessions together.

Do I need a personal trainer for life?

Working with a personal trainer might not be for life, but fitness should be.

Depending on your individual’s goals and commitments, you might find yourself only working with your personal trainer until your initial goals have been met. Or, you might very well find yourself continuing on with your trainer for years to come.

No matter your age, or capabilities, constantly striving towards physical potential is key. However, even if you already have this mindset, there may be limitations in knowledge, routine or accountability, which is where a fitness coach becomes an invaluable asset to any fitness journey.

So, if using a personal trainer has become an invaluable asset and it is financially viable, then why stop?

If the initial micro and macro goals set by you and your personal trainer have been achieved, and you are ready to “go solo,” a devoted personal trainer will naturally have supplied the tools needed to succeed on your own.

You won’t be left empty handed. By building a foundation that allows you to move without a watchful eye, educating you on weights to use while training on your own or alongside friends, or continuing to do your programming, these are just some of the invaluable tools your personal trainer has supplied you with.

However, if finances aren’t an issue, and having a personal trainer keeps you accountable and motivated, then is there any reason to stop?

If you’ve formed a positive and lasting friendship with your trainer and continue to see the added value from your sessions, then don’t let that string end.

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