A close up of a woman typing up her running shoes

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Runner’s Vocab

In linguistics and in writing, there is this funny concept of discourse ...

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A woman looking very determined while waiting at the start line of a race

How To Set Your New Year’s Running Resolution (And Stick To It!)

It’s easy to say “I’m going to run more this year“… but ...

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A woman getting ready to set off and start running

A Better Way To Run Faster

Running faster seems like a single transition for the human being – ...

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Beautiful women doing exercising on versatile foam roller

The Runner’s Guide To Foam Rolling

After a run, your muscles are in need of two things: relaxation ...

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Two young runners running together

How To Run Your First Race With Strength And Confidence

Are you thinking about running your first race? Good for you! You’ll ...

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A runner on the beach stretching out her knee

ITB Syndrome Getting In The way Of Your Running? Try These Stretches And Exercises Today

Iliotibial band syndrome is common injury that occurs in individuals who are ...

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Fit young woman doing cardio interval training

Hack Your Fitness: Lumo Run Helps Improve Your Running Form and Push Harder

Anthony Karcz, FORBES CONTRIBUTORI write about how to do more with your ...

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The Best Ways To Recover From A Painful Running Injury

We can all agree that runners make the healthiest group of injured ...

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A young women warming up before running

A Runner’s Guide To Warming Up

When it’s time to run, you just want to get going. Once ...

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A woman running uphill

5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Running Form

Here’s the truth about running form. Unless you are: you probably have ...

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A young woman running through the park

3 Exercises to Help You Achieve (Near) Perfect Running Form

Good running form helps prevent injuries from occurring. The body is made ...

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A man setting off to do a short sprint inside a stadium

How To Improve Your Running Form To Avoid Injury

As a runner, it’s critical that you work to improve running form,to avoid ...

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A female runner running down the road

Gait Retraining: 4 Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Running Form

Contributed Piece By: Dr. Rebecca Shultz, PhD in Biomechanics If you suffer an ...

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Two women racing on a running track

5 Running Form Techniques Every Runner Should Know

Informal poll: how often do you spend time thinking about your running ...

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A runner with their hands on the floor getting ready to start a sprint

13.1 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For A Half Marathon

Signing up for a race is an intimidating task, regardless of whether ...

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A woman struggling to run in the hot weather

Safety Tips For Running In Hot Weather [Infographic]

As we head into the height of the summer season, it’s hard ...

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