Back Pain

Multiple people doing the same pose during a yoga class

Try These 3 Short Exercises To Ease Your Lower Back Pain

Do you belong to the two-thirds of Americans who suffer from lower back ...

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A woman stretching out on her yoga mat at home

The Surprising Ways Tight Hips Can Ruin Your Posture And Cause Back Pain

Would you have ever associated tight hips with back pain? It’s a ...

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A young woman with good posture sat in her office

A Simple Guide To Reducing Back Pain At Work

Back pain at work – most of us suffer it, or will ...

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A girl sitting on her bed having lower back trouble

What Is Your Lower Back Pain Telling You? Hint: It Might Be Related To Poor Posture

You’ve been sitting at your office workstation all morning, intently finishing up ...

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A woman smiling while stretching out her arms and back

Five Stretches To Prevent And Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain – we’ve all suffered it at some point, some ...

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A women smiling as she lies in bed as the sun rises

A Beginner’s Guide To Sleeping With Lower Back Pain

Over the course of the past several days, the invigorating experience of ...

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Three people doing the same yoga pose together to stretch their backs

6 Commonly Overlooked Remedies For Back Pain

You’ve been hunched over your crowded work desk for the past few ...

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An elderly couple driving in their orange classic car

5 Tips To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain On Road Trips

Road trips are intended to be fun, as you excitedly drive across ...

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A woman stretching her back as she gets out of bed

4 Simple Everyday Tips For Back Pain Relief

There’s an old saying that the only things that we are guaranteed ...

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An elder lady stretching before she does aqua therapy

4 Benefits Of Aqua Therapy For Back Pain

As human beings, our bodies crave water, as we are over 70% ...

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Female runner having problems with the middle of her back

10 Fast Facts About Middle Back Pain

You spent several hours today at the office moving some heavy boxes ...

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A man sat at his home office having trouble with his lower back

10 Fast Facts About Lower Back Pain

The human back is an amazing structure, designed to support our spines ...

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A man sat on his bed having issues with back pain

10 Easy Ways To Manage Lower Back Pain At Home

Imagine several years ago you were involved in a serious car accident, ...

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a woman sat her desk looking very stressed

5 Tips to Help With Stress-Related Back Pain

Millions of Americans have experienced back pain at one point or another ...

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A woman sat at her desk with a sore neck

A Beginner’s Guide to DIY Massage for Back Pain Relief

It’s been a long day–maybe even a long week or month–and your ...

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A woman yawning in bed as she wakes up

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Lower Back Pain

Want a good night’s sleep with lower back pain? Impossible, right? Wrong. ...

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A man in his office having problems with his lower back

5 Easy Tips To Protect Yourself From Lower Back Pain

There’s no getting away from the fact that as we get older, ...

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A woman practicing yoga at the seashore

5 Easy Ways To Naturally Relieve Back Pain

In the United States alone, over 80% of Americans have experienced back ...

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A woman leaning over her desk as she struggles with back pain

5 Common Myths About Back Pain

Back pain is a widespread problem most adults will experience in their ...

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A diagram showing how a mans spine looks while he is sitting at his office desk

3 Easy Stretches To Relieve Sciatica Back Pain

From pregnant women to the UPS driver who is delivering your packages, ...

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