Can You Learn CPR Online?

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Do you want to help others when they’re in need?

Completion of the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) online CPR training is a critical step forward in your personal development. You’ll gain skills that enable you to participate in rescue and recovery efforts. You’ll also be able to help others in medical emergencies.

See if you can also learn CPR online with the help of these tips and resources.

How Do Online CPR Classes Work?

There are a variety of formats available, from completely online courses to a combination of online and hands-on instruction. All of the courses cover a wide range of topics, from reviewing CPR techniques to assessing a victim’s condition to performing defibrillation.

Most online classes award a certification upon successful completion that is valid for two years, giving peace of mind that you have the basic knowledge and skills to respond competently in an emergency situation. Online CPR classes are a convenient way of learning emergency life-saving techniques without having to physically attend a class.

Is Online Certification Acceptable and Valid?

Most countries have their own regulations and rules when it comes to certification, and even if online certification is preferred in some cases, certification from an approved instructor is usually necessary to become an official and certified instructor.

Depending on the country, online certification may need to be followed up with hands-on practice in order to be considered valid. In some countries, an online certification can also confer some form of legal recognition. 

What Is the Difference Between Blended Classes and Online Classes?

Blended classes and online classes both offer students the ability to learn and complete CPR coursework from the comfort of their homes, but there are key differences in terms of the instructional format used.

Blended classes may be referred to as hybrid courses and mix traditional face-to-face instruction with online elements – typically lectures, tutorials, and discussions offered via Zoom or another platform.

Online classes are fully virtual and are delivered exclusively through the Internet. CPR can be learned online through MyCPR NOW, with a variety of online courses, resources, and certifications available that offer practical instruction, simulations, and testing.

The Benefits of Blended Training

It is possible to learn CPR online techniques online but to gain full certification, it is important to participate in a complete CPR class that incorporates the classroom training and feedback offered in a formal setting.

Blended training offers the best of both worlds, combining online resources such as video tutorials, interactive quizzing, and supplementary material with demonstration, practice, and evaluation under the guidance of an instructor. 

Learn CPR Online Now

CPR is a critical skill that everyone should have. To learn CPR online is a convenient, cost-effective way to educate yourself and make sure your skills are up to date.

Get started today and enroll in an online course to make sure you’re prepared for any situation. Don’t wait—sign up now and feel confident that you’re prepared to help save a life.

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