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3 Best Sit Up Benches in 2021 (Review)


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The Best Sit Up Benches


1. Marcy SB-4606 Sit Up Bench

side facing marcy sb-4606 sit up bench

Key Features:

  • Easy storage
  • Water and corrosion-resistant
  • 4 angles of incline or decline

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 22 lb. (9.98 kg)
  • Dimensions: 59” x 18” x 29”
  • Color: Black/Red

Where To Buy

The Marcy SB-4606 Sit Up Bench will help to keep your workout routine exciting with its 4 different angles of incline or decline.

The foam padding allows you to focus on the workout, rather than slipping off the bench. The slant board will keep your upper body in an optimal position for your workout.

The compact design and folding capabilities of this bench makes storage a breeze. It will fit into your storage space without dominating the space around it.

2. Finer Form Sit Up Bench

side facing finer form sit up bench

Key Features:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Can support 660 lb. (299.37 kg)
  • Includes a PDF list of workouts.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 17.61 lb. (7.99 kg)
  • Dimensions: 43.8” x 14.3” x 7.5”
  • Color: Black/Red

Where To Buy

The Finer Form Sit Up Bench offers a maximum weight of 660lbs and functions as a multi workout bench, with its flat setting and 2 different decline positions.

This workout bench is powder coated to be water-resistant, so it won’t retain water and rust as quick as other benches might.

The foot and thigh support cushions will keep your body firmly in place as you work to strengthen your core. The high-density cushion brings comfort to your workout routine.

3. Marcy JD-1.2 Sit Up Bench

side facing marcy jd-1.2 sit up bench

Key Features:

  • Two-year warranty
  • Adjustable roller pads
  • Scratch-resistant

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 19.35 lb. (8.78 kg)
  • Dimensions: 47” x 15” x 24.5”
  • Color: Black/Grey

Where To Buy

The 2” foam padding on the Marcy JD-1.2 Sit Up Bench makes it one of the more comfortable options.

The bench comes with a two-year warranty, though you shouldn’t need it as it is made of heavy-duty steel. The finish on the frame is scratch-resistant and reduces the impact of everyday wear and tear.

The price of this bench makes it a very safe investment for a beginner. While most benches are in the $100 range, this one is less than $65.

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