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7 Best Pull Up Assist Bands in 2021 (Review)

When entering the market for fitness equipment, we often run into two common problems. First, weight plates, metal bars, and gym machines are bulky and heavy! This can make them difficult (and expensive) to ship, and to transport between workouts.

The second issue we face is that although there are plenty of ways to make your workout harder, there aren’t as many types of equipment that can actually make your exercises easier. Exercises like pull ups are daunting for many people trying to work out at home.

Enter resistance bands! These light weight, tough exercise tools solve both of these common problems. So, this article will review what we think are some of the best pull up assist bands in 2021!


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The Best Pull Up Assist Bands


1. Intey Pull Up Assist Band

side facing intey pull up assist band

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% natural latex
  • Comes in 4 band sets of pull up assistance bands
  • Carry bag included for easy transport

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 15 – 125 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 81.9” x 1.3” x 0.2”
  • Color options: Red / Black / Purple / Green

Where To Buy

Intey Pull Up resistance bands provide you with a light weight, versatile upper body workout. You’ll be able to perform pull ups at any body weight or ability level with this set of four bands. Not only can you use these bands for pull ups, but the different resistance levels make them useful aids for dozens of other exercises.

The Intey set of resistance bands comes with a free carry bag, allowing you to fold and fit the whole range of bands for easy storage and transport between workouts. Take the whole set for a suite of mobile workout options, or only take the bands you need as your strength and endurance improve.

Overall, the Intey resistance bands for pull ups make invaluable workout supplements, adding a huge amount of variety in the safest way possible. Whether it’s the smallest band for some light mobility work, or a tool for your heavy duty pull sessions, this set has something to offer everyone.


2. AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull Up Band

side facing amazonbasics resistance and pull up band

Key Features:

  • Made from thick, durable rubber
  • 5 different resistance levels
  • Sold as single band

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 10 – 175 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41” x 0.5” x 0.18”
  • Available in 5 color options

Where To Buy

AmazonBasics offers a budget-friendly option with these pull up resistance bands. The heaviest of the bunch provides a large amount of resistance; up to 175 lbs. This allows you to perform high strength, heavy duty pull ups with the correct form.

Although these bands aren’t sold as a full set, individual bands can be purchased for people of all fitness levels. Each band is a great tool, being 41 inches long and accommodating a full body workout. Hook them around your foot or knee to assist your pull ups and other body weight movements.

While these low-cost bands may not sport the long-term durability of more expensive competitors, they are definitely hard wearing enough for most home workouts. They are a mid-range band made from quality rubber and will serve you well, whether your goal is endurance, muscle gain, or maximal strength.


3. Power Guidance Heavy Duty Pull Up Assist Bands

side facing power guidance heavy duty pull up assist bands

Key Features:

  • 15 layered natural latex
  • Breathable storage bag
  • User starter guide included

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 2 – 175 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41” x 2.5”
  • Available in 6 color options

Where To Buy

These bands from Power Guidance are excellent additions to your strength training arsenal. The bands are made from high quality latex, making them strong and durable. You won’t have to worry about a snap or tear with these bands!

The high capacity of the Power Guidance bands makes them great for helping you break through any sticking point in your training. Simply combine bands or advance to the next resistance level as your training routine progresses.

A beginner workout guide is also included with this set of bands, providing a variety of exercises for everything from weight loss, to mobility and muscle toning. These assisted pull up bands from Power Guidance can also be used as CrossFit pull up bands, aiding in kipping pull ups and other high intensity pull up variations.

These are some of the best pull up bands on the market at the moment, so if you need help to perform pull ups, don’t hesitate to give this product a try.

4. Wsakoue Powerlifting Pull Up Bands

side facing wsakoue powerlifting pull up bands

Key Features:

  • Seamless, integrated molding without glue
  • Soft, odorless rubber
  • Portable drawstring bag to carry band sets

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 15 – 125 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 82” x 1.73” x 0.18”
  • Color options: Black / Blue / Green / Red

Where To Buy

The Wsakoue pull up rubber band aims to combat the issues that come with cheaper brands. Lower quality pull up resistance bands use a mix of plastic, making the bands harder and more susceptible to breakage. This can also result in the unpleasant smells associated with cheaper fitness bands.

Wsakoue uses 100% natural, double layer latex to make their bands softer, more pliable and odorless. They also won’t peel over time, due to the seamless layering used in the production process.

The resistance ranges from 15 to 125 lbs., allowing the user to perform pull ups and other upper body exercises with ease. A single band can be used for light rehabilitation work, or combined with heavier bands for pull up assistance and progression to more difficult exercises.

We recommend the Wsakoue range of bands as an effective, mid-range option for your home gym equipment.

5. Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands

side facing iron infidel pull up assistance bands

Key Features:

  • Range of tactical defence colors
  • Retain elasticity over time
  • Portion of proceeds go to charity

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 20 – 150 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41” x 0.5” x 0.2”
  • Available in 5 color options

Where To Buy

Iron Infidel makes some of the best resistance bands for pull ups. This set of resistance bands stands out for its range of stylish army greens and khakis. These band sets are often used as added resistance in barbell and free-weight workouts.

The Iron Infidel range of bands are made to endure any kind of heavy duty pull you can put them through. Five different resistance levels mean these band sets can work with any amount of resistance from 20 to 150 lbs. Decrease the pull up assistance as you get stronger by using a smaller band; this will increase the pull up resistance from gravity.

Iron Infidel bands provide a variety of exercises for your strength training regime. Best of all, a percentage of all profits go towards helping injured veterans and the families of fallen police officers. If you want your fitness purchases to go to a good cause, and you want some of the best resistance bands for pull ups, consider Iron Infidel.

6. Sunpow Pull Up Assistance Bands

side facing sunpow pull up assistance bands

Key Features:

  • Aesthetic color range and design
  • Available in 5 band sets
  • Pull up assistance up to 170 lbs.

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 5 – 170 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 81.9” x 0.9” 0.2”
  • Available in 5 color options

Where To Buy

These nicely colored, natural latex pull up resistance bands from Sunpow offer five resistance levels for a more gradual progression in your program. One way to distinguish the best pull up bands is their warranty, and Sunpow offers a lifetime guarantee on their band sets.

This Sunpow set can be used as CrossFit pull up bands, with the heavy resistance bands aiding your pull ups, to some floor-anchored added resistance for weighted pull ups. They can also be used to help train advanced movements like ring dips or muscle ups.

If you suffer from joint pain or injury, these band sets can also aid in rehabilitation and flexibility work. The smallest band offers just five lbs. of resistance to strengthen and stretch your smaller, accessory muscles.

From a 300 lb. novice trainer who can’t do a single pull up, to the advanced weight lifter who has run out of room for weight plates on the bar, the Sunpow range of bands has something for everyone.

7. Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band

front facing serious steel assisted pull-up bandr

Key Features:

  • Available in single bands for those not requiring a whole set
  • 6 different resistance levels
  • Highly regarded online as some of the best resistance bands for pull ups

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Ranges: 2 – 150 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41” x 1.75” x 0.18”
  • Available in 6 color options

Where To Buy

Finally, we have the popular assisted pull up bands from Serious Steel. Again, these bands are made with 100% natural latex, making them highly resistant to wear and tear. This is the pull up rubber band for you if you want it to stand the test of time.

Although these bands are sold separately, they do have six different resistance levels, providing an option for every situation. This makes it easier to start with one or two bands, adding more as you need them.

Serious Steel pull up resistance bands are used for everything from joint distraction work, to full body resistance training, to barbell powerlifting programs. They add a gradual form of tension that can’t be replicated by free weights or cable machines.

These Serious Steel bands are highly recommended as a valuable addition to your exercise equipment collection.

Pull Up Assist Bands – Buying Guide and FAQ

a woman holding a pull up assist band

3 Features to Look for in Pull Up Assist Bands


The best resistance bands won’t do you much good if they snap after a few workouts. Check to make sure your preferred brand of resistance bands uses high quality, natural latex. The best companies use up to 15 layers of seamless rubber to ensure your bands last for a long time.

That being said, it’s important to take care of your equipment. Tying your bands around rough surfaces such as tree branches or knurled barbell handles will create friction. This can gradually create micro tears in the band.

Investing in higher quality resistance bands also ensures they do not lose their strength or elasticity over time. You want the band to be able to continue springing back, session after session.


Resistance bands are amazing tools for your home exercise kit. One band can be used for countless combinations of exercises for the whole body. The most versatile way to cover all bases is with band sets. Many of the brands on this list offer sets of up to six bands, to be used in any situation.

If you prefer to start with a single band, it will be a balance of how to get the most out of it, with a preference toward your main goals. For example, if you will be using the product primarily for pull up assistance, you’ll need a heavier band with enough strength to support your working muscles.


Finally, it always helps for your workout gear to look good! Resistance bands are a great way to add a splash of color to your program. Whether it’s the vibrant rainbow of Sunpow bands, or the tactical look of the Iron Infidel range, you’ll be able to make a statement with the products in this review.

Be conscious not to pick a single band based on color alone, however. The different colors often signify the resistance levels of the bands, so try to find a style you like that also meets your fitness goals!

Pull Up Assist Bands FAQ

a man holding a pull up assist band with one hand

Q: How do you use resistance bands for pull ups?

A: Pull up assistance bands can be used in many ways to help improve your pull ups. They can be hooked around your foot or knee to the lower end of equipment such as an adjustable pull up bar. The elasticity of the band helps pull your weight against gravity.

Check out our article for more tips on how to do a pull up if you can’t do one.

Q: Which size resistance band should I use?

A: The products in this review have useful charts which recommend which band to use based on your body weight and how many pull ups you can currently do. In some cases, a combination of two different bands can be used.

We also have a handy article with further advice, once you’ve achieved your first pull up, on how to increase pull up count.

Q: What other exercises can I do with resistance bands?

A: Resistance bands can be a great tool for other staple body weight exercises, such as dips. If you need a rig to strap your bands to for this purpose, make sure to read our article covering options for a portable dip bar.

The full range of resistance levels accommodates every type of exercise, from light weight rehabilitation movements, to heavy duty barbell squats or deadlifts. The possibilities really are endless!

Q: Do resistance bands break easily?

A: As mentioned in the buyer’s guide, it is worth investing in the best resistance bands you can, as they will be more resistant to fraying or snapping. On the other hand, the better care you take not to attach your bands to abrasive surfaces, the longer they will last. Each brand also has recommendations on stretch and weight limits for their bands.

Q: Are resistance bands expensive?

A: For equipment that is so light-weight and versatile, resistance bands are some of the most cost-effective fitness equipment out there. That’s not even taking into account shipping, as free weights and gym machines are obviously a lot more expensive to ship than these band sets.

Bands provide hundreds of pounds of resistance, while weighing a fraction of their iron counterparts. If you want to check out other options for adding resistance to your body weight exercises, take a look at our article on heavy weighted vests.

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