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10 Best Olympic Weight Benches in 2021 (Review)

Home gym equipment is a game changer for the many people who are unable to get to the gym. Saving on gym fees and travel time makes it quicker and easier to keep in shape while dealing with a busy schedule. However, it can be hard to know where to start. Solid home gym equipment is an investment worth some proper consideration.

Olympic weight benches are one such starting point for a home gym. They make a safe and adaptable base for many fundamental exercises, often coming with added features that give them an advantage over standard benches. This article will share the features and benefits of 10 of the best Olympic weight benches in 2021.

The Best Olympic Weight Benches


1. Marcy MD-857 Olympic Weight Bench

side facing marcy md-857 olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • Separate bar catches for squat, bench, and safety
  • Protective striker plating to catch barbell
  • Multi-function section allows many supplementary exercises

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 115 lb. (52.1 kg)
  • Dimensions: 80” x 47.5” x 60”
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.

Where To Buy

The first of several Olympic weight benches from Marcy in this review is the MD-857. This all-around fitness Olympic bench provides enough utility to substitute for nearly an entire gym. This Marcy Bench is built to support you through heavy bench presses, squats, and a large range of isolation moves such as bicep curls, leg extensions, and ab crunches.

A couple of strong features make the MD-857 stand out among its peers. First, the added squat bar catches on the rear of the frame allow the user to double the machine as a squat rack. Second, the uprights are reinforced at the front with an extra steel striker plate to protect your rack from scratches or bumps when racking the weight.

This bench has a solid overall weight capacity of 600 pounds, being split an even 300 lb. between the user weight and rackable weight, respectively. This allows the MD-857 to support the majority of standard weight training exercises with ease.

2. Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

side facing body champ bcb5860 olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • Thick reinforced support bar under backrest
  • Many useful accessories included – no extra purchase necessary
  • Supports user body weight up to 300 lb.

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 78.5 lb. (35.6 kg)
  • Dimensions: 76” x 56” x 55”
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.

Where To Buy

This Olympic bench with leg developer from Body Champ comes with more bells and whistles than any of its competitors. You’ll save quite a bit on additional gym equipment with everything that comes included in this package.

This weight rack includes several unique accessories, including a foam ab crunch attachment, plate adapters to accommodate standard or Olympic plates for you bench and squat, and more. Feel more supported than ever in your bench pressing with an extra thick support bar under your back.

This support bar is one of two, with the U-shaped support adding extra reinforcement so you’ll never have to worry about the bench tipping after bench pressing and racking the weight. The backrest is highly adjustable, with 7 levels for any combination of military, incline, or flat bench press.

This bench is perfect for those who want the reliability of a safe rack, with a few useful extras for good measure.


3. Marcy MD-879 Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

side facing marcy md-879 adjustable olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • 14-gauge steel, rust-resistant frame
  • Two separate pieces for more versatility
  • Olympic plate storage pegs

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 93 lb. (42 kg)
  • Dimensions: 65.7” x 65.5” x 64.5”
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.

Where To Buy

Get a full body workout with this gym-build quality home gym equipment from Marcy. The BD-879 is a two-piece system allowing you to use the adjustable bench and weight rack totally separately.

The quality padded incline bench comes with the expected dual action leg developer, preacher curl pad, and 6-position adjustable seat. As you move the bench away, the rack becomes easier than ever to perform walk-in back and front squats, free from any restrictions.

Your Olympic plates will be safely locked on with the included safety clips. The high quality, powder coated finish on the steel frame will protect your rack from both rust and water damage.

This strength training machine accommodates your chest workout, leg exercises and many other alternative exercises. Covering all your major muscle groups will allow you to maintain your health and fitness at home with this single piece of equipment.

4. Weider Platinum Olympic Bench & Rack

side facing weider platinum olympic bench & rack

Key Features:

  • 7 seat positions for incline and decline press
  • Comfortable, high density foam grip pads
  • Heavy duty home workouts without breaking the bank

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 93 lb. (42 kg)
  • Dimensions: 40” x 40” x 40”
  • Weight Capacity: 510 lb.

Where To Buy

Weider has been known for top quality fitness equipment for decades, and this platinum Olympic bench is no exception. This compact and budget-friendly piece of equipment allows for dozens of exercise options.

This bench has a flat seat, but the back pad positions allow for decline, incline and flat setups, working your pectoral muscles from every angle. The most upright settings make shoulder exercises like military or dumbbell presses a breeze.

This base has a load capacity of up to 510 pounds. While the unit’s height and setup doesn’t allow for squats, this equipment more than makes up for it with a capability for leg extension, hamstring curls, and more.

All of this can be done in comfort, with the preacher curl pad and foot bar all being softly padded. This is a solid and reliable setup from Weider.

5. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

side facing body champ olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • 6 adjustable backrest positions
  • 2-piece bench and weight rack
  • Safety clips to lock in weight plates

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 73 lb. (33 kg)
  • Dimensions: 78” x 44” x 69”
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.

Where To Buy

The next Olympic weight bench set from Body Champ is another multi-piece set, with the Olympic bench with leg developer being able to be separated from the weight stand. Forget the leg press; this sturdy rack handles up to 300 pounds for your bench and squat, with an additional 300 pounds of user weight.

Speaking of bench presses, you’ll be able to use this rig with either your standard or Olympic barbells, as this Body Champ product is one of the Olympic bench sets that can take varying lengths of barbell. Some Olympic weight benches are too wide or too narrow to comfortably handle bench pressing with specific barbells.

The U-shaped front foot stand also makes this set balanced and safe as you perform your workout. With the deluxe cushioned bench and leg pads, you’ll be training hard while staying comfortable.

6. Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench

side facing weider pro 265 weight bench

Key Features:

  • 80 lb. Vinyl weight set included
  • Narrow footprint for smaller spaces
  • Free workout chart to get started right away

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 130 lb. (59 kg)
  • Dimensions: 50” x 17” x 10”
  • Weight Capacity: 410 lb.

Where To Buy

The Pro 265 weight bench from Weider is perhaps the most ready-to-go home gym equipment in this review. This is the only adjustable seat bench on the list that comes ready for a full body workout with no additional purchases required.

Start your strength training right away with the included 80-pound barbell and weight set that comes with this bench. This is the perfect piece of equipment for some moderate strength training, whether it be triceps presses, standing curls, or walking lunges.

You’ll be able to peruse the included workout chart to customise your own home workouts within minutes. If you have a pair of dumbbells lying around, the preacher curl pad is there to add even more exercises to your regime.

Another great thing about the Pro 265 is that it has a narrower footprint than some benches, making it ideal for those with limited space.

7. Body Champ PRO3900 Two-Piece Set Olympic Weight Bench

side facing body champ pro3900 two-piece set olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • No-pinch catch design for extra safety
  • Easy-grip handlebar and built-in transport wheels
  • Broad lower back support on bench

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 68.4 lb. (31 kg)
  • Dimensions: 52” x 42” x 60”
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.

Where To Buy

The next offering from Body Champ, the PRO3900, might be the choice for the more ergonomically minded. This heavy-duty weight rack supports up to 300 pounds of user weight, with double that in added external weights.

Moving Olympic weight benches around the home gym can be awkward. The PRO3900 has a fix for that, too, with its built-in transport wheels. The front handle makes it a breeze to pick up and move the 12-gauge steel bench around.

The build quality doesn’t end there. Support your heavy flat bench press, back squats, or other strength training exercises with the safety spotter arms built in to the uprights. The security is further enhanced by the no-pinch bar catches, which will save your hands from getting injured in a sketchy situation.

For a bench that’s easy to move around your space, the Body Champ PRO3900 is a great option.

8. Marcy MWB-20100 Folding Standard Weight Bench

side facing marcy mwb-20100 folding standard weight bench

Key Features:

  • Extra wide preacher curl pad for barbell curls
  • Folds flat for storage between workouts
  • Contoured back rest

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 79 lb. (35,8 kg)
  • Dimensions: 69” x 30” x 64”
  • Weight Capacity: Not specified

Where To Buy

Yet another one-off entry on this list, the Marcy folding bench fixes one of the biggest issues when purchasing Olympic weight benches for a home gym – the space! This is not your standard adjustable seat; the entire weight rack folds completely flat to store against the wall or in a large closet.

Even when set up, the MWB-20100 bench has a narrow footprint to save space. It can accommodate up to a 5-foot bar. The backrest features contoured padded sections to make it more comfortable on the lower back during your strength training.

This foldable Olympic bench set has a removable leg developer, with a weight plate peg that can be customised to fit standard or Olympic plates. Another helpful feature is the wide preacher curl pad; this lets you perform curls with a barbell, which is a nice touch.

9. Ancheer Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

side facing ancheer adjustable olympic weight bench

Key Features:

  • Tall preacher curl pad for safer lifting
  • Added resistance bands for leg extension
  • Weight plate storage on lower crossbar for stability

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: Not specified
  • Dimensions: 40.6” x 77.2” x 47.6”
  • Weight Capacity: Not specified

Where To Buy

This singular entry from Ancheer is a competitive option. It has the ability to be a separate bench and weight rack, but can still be bolted as one piece for a safer, sturdier experience. On top of that, the handily-placed plate storage pegs allow the user to weigh down the rack, making it one of the most solid options.

The added resistance bands with this weight bench are a nice touch from Ancheer. They come attached to the leg developer, but can be separated at the ends for a whole range of band-resisted exercises. Alternatively, they can be combined with weight plates for two types of resistance in a single exercise – get ready for a tough workout!

The Ancheer Adjustable Bench is a nice, broad setup with high quality finishes and a heavy-duty base. This will make an excellent addition to any home gym.

10. Body Champ Standard Weight Bench

side facing body champ standard weight bench

Key Features:

  • Strong but lightweight frame for home use
  • Built-in butterfly chest machine
  • Double weight plate storage

Key Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 60 lb. (27.2 kg)
  • Dimensions: 61” x 51” x 46”
  • Weight Capacity: 470 lb.

Where To Buy

Finally, we have another combination weight bench from Body Champ. It is another iteration of the expected compact adjustable bench, with an added twist. This bench features a butterfly attachment, which allows for safe and effective chest flys for those worried about not having a spotter.

The butterfly attachment also doubles as plate storage, allowing up to 60 pounds of plates to be loaded on each side. This will also solidify the frame as you work with a bar or the leg developer.

Because the frame is one piece, the backrest has three incline positions as well as a flat setting. This bench has enhanced safety features with its bright safety hooks and bottom frame stabilisers.

These features make this Olympic bench a great choice for beginners, who may not need the most heavy-duty option, but who need something safe, lightweight, and versatile.

Olympic Weight Benches – Buying Guide and FAQ

an olympic weight bench on a wooden floor

Buying Guide

Weight Capacity

If you’re thinking about doing some serious lifting, your choice of Olympic weight bench set is important, as each have different capacities. Consider the body weight of each proposed user, as well as the maximum weights likely to be lifted. Each product should disclose the weight limit of each of these factors.


The great thing about many of these Olympic bench sets is their capability to allow a vast range of exercises. Some include attachments such as leg developers, chest fly machines, preacher curl pads, or ab crunch handles. Others have the handy ability to divide into separate bench and squat rack pieces.

Space Considerations

The benches in this review have a wide range of sizes. This allows for a balance of weight capacity and footprint. Make sure to consider the available space in your home gym before committing to any one option. Don’t forget, some of these products even fold away between uses if you’re really tight on space.

Olympic Weight Benches FAQ

an olympic weight bench near training apparatus

Q: How much do Olympic bench sets cost?

A: The products in this review range from around $189 to $369. They offer a varying range of features, mentioned above. Use this review and buying guide to consider all your needs, and invest in the best quality product you can. These machines can be an all-in-one home gym, so choose wisely!

Q: What are some alternatives to an Olympic weight bench set

A: If you like the adjustability of the bench but don’t need the squat frame or leg developer, you can check out this review with some great options for an adjustable weight bench. If you like the idea of being able to hide your bench away in a corner or cupboard between workouts, here are some more options for fold away weight benches.

Q: What are the best Olympic weight benches for bench pressing?

A: All the products in this review are great for beginner to intermediate bench presses. If you are just starting out, take a look at this guide to proper bench press form. Once you’re comfortable with the technique, here is an article explaining how many times a week you should bench press.

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