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10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers in 2021 (Review)

Tracking your fitness has never been easier—and it’s never been cheaper. Fitness tracking technology has been around long enough that you can purchase the best fitness tracker for under $100. Whether you want to track your heart rate, sleep, or calories, an activity tracker can help you stay on target with loads of fitness features.

Not only will it help with health, but many of these fitness tracking devices receive calls and texts, have a great battery life, and more. We’ve got the lowdown on the 10 best cheap fitness trackers in 2021. Which is right for you? What fitness features do these devices each have? From a cheap fitness tracker with heart rate monitor options to generally low-cost fitness tracker devices, this list has it all.


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The Best Cheap Fitness Trackers


1. Fitbit Inspire Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

side facing fitbit inspire heart rate and fitness tracker

Key Features:

  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Tracks sleep
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking for calories burned, resting heart rate, and monitoring of heart rate zones

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.18 x 3.94 x 8.94 inches
  • Weight: 0.71 ounces
  • Colors: black, silver, and light purple

Where To Buy

As far as affordable fitness trackers go, the Fitbit reigns supreme. More specifically, the Fitbit Inspire Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker allows you to track your health, fitness, and sleep. With a battery that lasts five days and a charging time of only two hours, this is a great basic step counter and more. The Fitbit is further able to automatically record workouts, including biking, swimming (did we mentioned it’s water-resistant?), and walking.

You can easily connect this device to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Fitbit app. This activity tracker offers an easy to read screen, a great battery, and a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for an easy to understand and easy to use fitness tracker, the Fitbit has got you covered at an affordable price. This brand even has a dedicated following, with many consumers already having purchased Fitbit watches in the past.

2. Peakfun IP67 Fitness Tracker

side facing peakfun ip67 fitness tracker

Key Features:

  • Includes a heart rate and blood pressure monitor
  • Receives calls and text
  • Waterproof

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • Colors: black

Where To Buy

If you’re hunting for the best fitness tracker under $50, the Peakfun IP67 Fitness Tracker might be for you. Featured at a very affordable price, this fitness tracking device has a color screen that you can customize to your own liking. What’s more, it’s got a ton of features, like heart rate monitoring, 18 sport modes, step recording, weather information, music and camera control, alarm options, stopwatch, menstrual cycle recording, and more.

This smart watch is water-resistant and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Further, it has a great battery life. In fact, the battery lasts for five to seven days with only two hours of charging needed. The screen is quite big as well, making it easy to read. You can also quickly check your calls and text messages via the screen on this watch. It’s almost like having your phone strapped to your wrist. The one downside is that this watch is rather chunky compared to other options. However, most consumers love all the features and don’t consider this a big problem.

3. Letsfit Smart Fitness Tracker

side facing letsfit smart fitness tracker

Key Features:

  • Easy to read 1.3-inch screen
  • Water-resistant
  • Monitors steps, calories burned, and sleep quality

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10.83 x 3.74 x 0.71 inches
  • Weight: 1.37 ounces
  • Colors: black, blue, green, silver, rose, and purple

Where To Buy

Like most affordable fitness trackers, the Letsfit Smart Fitness Tracker doesn’t have a built in GPS. However, it does have the ability to connect to a GPS via your smartphone, which helps this tracker record your steps and more. With a big touchscreen, this device is easy to read, allowing you to understand your health data as it happens. The latest version of this smart watch comes with music control and even stress training features.

The battery life lasts 10 days off of one charge, making it a competitor with other similar products. It also functions as a step counter and a convenient and easy way to receive calls and text messages. Compatible with Androids and iPhones, this inexpensive fitness tracker is the perfect alternative for those not wanting to break the bank when buying a smart watch. You also have many color options to choose from, so that you can fit this watch to your style as opposed to the other way around.

4. Peakfun Sports Fitness Tracker

side facing peakfun sports fitness tracker

Key Features:

  • SIM and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Works as a step counter, sleep monitor, and more
  • Comes with a sedentary reminder feature

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.58 x 3.54 x 2.56 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Colors: black or pink

Where To Buy

The Peakfun Sports Fitness Tracker helps keep track of your health, fitness, and sleep. If you’re sitting for too long, this tracker will also prompt you to get moving at certain intervals. This can be a great option for those that sit and work at a desk all day. After all, the human body thrives with regular movement. This sports tracker also functions as a smart watch, similar to other devices.

You can receive calls and text notifications and control the camera settings on your phone and most music applications. This tracker also has an anti-lost feature, which makes it easy to find with your smartphone or watch. With a color screen, this device still boasts a great battery life. It will last five to seven days after charging. It also comes with a replacement battery for when charging isn’t an option. The major downside of this watch may be that it is considerably heavier compared to other affordable fitness trackers.

5. Pradory Smart Fitness Tracker Watch

side facing pradory smart fitness tracker watch

Key Features:

  • Can be used as a smartphone
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes step counting, camera controls, music controls, sedentary reminders, and more

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.58 x 3.58 x 2.79 inches
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces
  • Colors: black

Where To Buy

The Pradory Smart Fitness Tracker Watch is very similar to the Peakfun Fitness Tracker. The main feature that stands out with this watch is that you can receive and answer calls and text messages right on your smart watch. However, like the Peakfun tracker, this watch is quite heavy compared to competitor brands. It comes in at 5.4 ounces, which may not be preferable for some. The battery life also leaves something to be desired. It will last about three days on a full charge.

Downfalls aside, it comes with a color screen, a built-in pedometer, message reminders, camera controls, and music player controls. Overall, while this smart watch is cheap and affordable, you can probably find better options. However, some may opt for this watch as a starter fitness tracker before spending more on other options on the market with better features and battery life.

6. Letscom Fitness & Activity Tracker

side facing letscom fitness & activity tracker

Key Features:

  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Records and tracks steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep quality
  • Ability to receive calls, calendar events, and text notifications on the display

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 0.76 x 0.43 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Colors: black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red

Where To Buy

If you desire a tracker with heart rate monitoring, Letscom Fitness & Activity Tracker has what you need for a very affordable price. It comes with 14 exercise modes, which helps you better understand and analyze your activity data. In turn, it can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. The USB charging port allows for a seven-day battery life.

This step counter comes with a built-in GPS system, which can help you better track your distance or pace. The display also allows you to see incoming calls, text notifications, and calendar events. What’s more, this watch is very light and cheap. Overall, this is probably one of the best value fitness tracker devices around. It’ll cost you less than an average grocery trip and has almost everything one would need for tracking their fitness and health data.

7. Yamay Fitness Tracker Watch

side facing yamay fitness tracker watch

Key Features:

  • Step, sleep, and heart rate tracker
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Receives smartphone notifications

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Colors: black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red

Where To Buy

The Yamay Fitness Tracker Watch comes in an array of color options. It’s waterproof and has a color screen, making it easy to read at a glance. This watch has the ability to record your steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep stages. It also comes with 14 exercise modes, such as running and biking. Features further include menstrual cycle tracking, breathing guides, do-not-disturb mode, timers, and music controls.

This sleek design offers up a basic fitness tracker at a reasonable price. It’s another great choice for those that just want the basics for an affordable price. Many consumers also boast about the comfortable fit and stylish design. The one downside is that it doesn’t appear to have an accurate heart rate monitor. Some reviews noted that, for accuracy of this data point, the watch had to be on the inside of the user’s wrist, which isn’t ideal. However, if you input your heart data, this can become more accurate.

8. Lintelek IP67 Smart Fitness Band

side facing lintelek ip67 smart fitness band

Key Features:

  • Accurate heart rate and sleep monitor
  • Ability to record steps, calories consumed, workout distance, and workout time
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 0.76 x 0.43 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Colors: black & blue, black, dark red, forest green, light pink, navy, purple, red, and blue

Where To Buy

The Lintelek IP67 Smart Fitness Band has a style and look similar to that of the Fitbit. In fact, many previous buyers report that this watch is very similar to the Fitbit, in terms of features, without the higher price tag. This watch has features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, daily steps, and call and message notifications. It’s a very multi-functional watch that is designed to provide the basics that more expensive brands offer.

Consumers rave about this product. It also comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with most smartphones. The battery lasts about seven days on a full charge. It also has 14 exercise modes, helping you record each workout as accurately as possible. Overall, Lintelek has nailed this product. It could even be considered the best budget fitness tracker on the market.

9. Letscom IP68 Fitness Tracker

side facing letscom ip68 fitness tracker

Key Features:

  • 1.3-inch display with four customizable display options
  • Records steps, calories, distance, minutes active, sleep, and heart rate
  • Connects with iOS or Android

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 0.98 x 0.39 inches
  • Weight: 1.67 ounces
  • Colors: black, blue, green, gray, pink, and purple

Where To Buy

The Letscom IP68 Fitness Tracker is another great and affordable option that offers detailed data to help you achieve your health goals. The major data points included are heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. It claims to be highly accurate at both of these. Consumers agree and most are relatively pleased with this tracker and its price.

This fitness tracker has further product details, including the ability to connect with either an iPhone or Android device. You can also set an alarm through this watch. In addition, it offers breathing guides, sedentary alerts, and more. While it is a little bit bulkier than other fitness trackers, the Letsom IP68 is an excellent choice for those who want to become more conscious and aware of their activity. The battery further lasts 10 days with approximately three hours of charging.

10. Peakfun Smart Fitness & Activity Tracker

side facing peakfun smart fitness & activity tracker

Key Features:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Records steps, calories, and distance
  • Waterproof

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.46 x 3.43 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Colors: black

Where To Buy

The feature that really sets the Peakfun Smart Fitness & Activity Tracker apart from others is blood pressure monitoring. Not all fitness trackers offer this data point. Yet, it is a great measurement to determine your overall health and also to know how your activity (or lack of) is impacting your wellness. Similar to other watches, it is waterproof and it has the ability to record your daily steps, calories, and distance traveled. The touchscreen also comes with various interfaces, which allows you to choose your personal preference.

With eight sport modes, you can use this watch through various activities and exercises. At full charge, the battery lasts five to seven days. You can also check the weather forecast and control your music—all on your wrist! Lastly, you can receive calls and text messages as you would on an expensive smartwatch, meaning you’ll never miss a beat.

Cheap Fitness Trackers – Buying Guide and FAQ

a man has a fitness tracker in his hand

Three Features to Look for in Cheap Fitness Tracker

Automatic Workout Tracking and Heart Rate Monitoring

Ideally, you want a watch that automatically jumps into a workout mode. The Fitbit is known to do this, but you’ll want to check in on other less reputable brands. On top of this, you definitely want to ensure the fitness tracker you purchase has heart rate monitoring. This is important if you want to know the intensity of your workout, as well as how quickly you recover. Your heart rate can also tell you a lot about your general health.

Weight and Design

Some individuals might not mind more bulky watches. However, this may be an issue for others. Ultimately, this comes down to your personal preference. Remember, you’re going to be wearing this watch almost all of the time. Thus, you probably want one that’s comfortable in weight and with a design you like.

Battery Life

If you’re wearing it around the clock, you want a battery life that lasts. This is worth comparing and reading reviews. Reviews will tell you if the battery actually lasts as long as it says. Generally, some of the best cheap fitness trackers last seven to ten days off of one charge. Some types even come with a replacement battery for when you’re out in the woods and don’t have the ability to charge the watch.

Cheap Fitness Trackers FAQ

a man watching his blue fitness tracker

Q: What Is the Best Cheap Fitness Tracker?

A: Check out our list above. This all comes down to your budget and what features you prefer. You can find many quality fitness trackers at a reasonable price. One of the best ones is the Fitbit at the top of our list. But again, it comes down to what you require the fitness tracker to do for you. We recommend coming up with a list of features you desire and comparing fitness trackers to that, which can help you make your final decision.

Q: Are Cheap Fitness Trackers Any Good?

A: Absolutely! Depending on the type you get, cheap fitness trackers are very comparable to higher-priced trackers and smartwatches. Always be sure to read the reviews to determine what previous buyers have said. This can give you a better idea as to whether the cheap fitness tracker you intend to buy does as it claims.

Q: What Is a Cheaper Alternative to Fitbit?

A: There are a ton of cheaper alternatives to Fitbit; even Fitbit itself has some budget-friendly options, such as the Fitbit Inspire Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker. However, if you want to steer clear of Fitbit, there are various fitness trackers that cost between $20-$50 that do the exact same thing. Again, check out our list above.

Q: Do Fitness Trackers Really Work?

A: Yes! Generally, some of the data might not be fully accurate at times, depending on the device. However, the overarching idea is that a fitness tracker watch gets you moving more and also helps you gauge the intensity of your workout and then some. Further, a fitness tracker measures sleep and even your menstrual cycle, depending on the type you get. Thus, you can use them to help make adjustments for overall health improvements.

Q: Why Are Fitbits So Expensive?

A: Fitbits have dominated the fitness tracker market for years. However, their prices have come down in the last few years. Yet, the more expensive Fitbits tend to remain at a high price point due to their added features. At the same time, there are other watches, like Garmin, that are specifically running watches. This means that if you specialize in one type of exercise, you may want to look into different brands and types of fitness trackers.

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