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5 Running Form Techniques Every Runner Should Know


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Informal poll: how often do you spend time thinking about your running form? For the most of us, our guess is “not often, if at all”. There’s something intimidating about running form that makes it seem like it’s only relevant for professional or elite runners.

But, running form is something all runners of every level should pay close attention to. Here’s why:

Improving your running form helps you maximize your body’s energy output and will help you run faster, farther, and perhaps more importantly, reduce the risk of potential injury.

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So where do you start? There are many ways to think about your running form (like foot-strike and arm-swings), but you can breakdown overall running form into 5 measurable metrics — Cadence, Bounce, Braking, Pelvic Rotation and Pelvic Drop.

Check out coach Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver explain the importance of running form and these 5 metrics in detail in their video 5 Running Form tips to improve your running technique from professional runner Sage Canaday

Want to know what Sage and Sandi use to track these 5 metrics? Check out their product review for Lumo Run, a revolutionary clip-on sensor that measures your running form and provides real-time, audio coaching via the app, as well as recommended exercises based on your data.

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