5 Easy Tips to Protect Yourself From Lower Back Pain

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As years pass by, your bones and disks degenerate causing stiffness and soreness. The result is recurring lower back pain that does not seem to go away. However, although age contributes to lower back pains, the list of possible causes to this menace is long.  According to chiropractors, 80% of the American population experiences a lower back pain problem at least once in their lifetime. Although this figure might appear massive, experts assure victims that rarely do serious conditions cause lower back pain; instead, mechanical tasks are in most cases to blame and being extra cautious will undoubtedly give back pain relief.

Given that your lower back is quite flexible, it endures a lot of strains, twists and spine bends as you go through day to day activities. Sadly, this same flexibility is what subjects the lower back to pain. Nonetheless, lower back pain is preventable, or better still, the possibility of it recurring is reduced. The good news is that you can achieve this by simply incorporating a few overlooked tips in your daily life. Here is how;

Adjust to an ergonomic posture for back pain relief

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Poor posture subjects pressure on the lower back making it hurt. Using posture friendly props can go a long way in correcting your posture and hence giving you back pain relief. For example, use a footrest to elevate your legs when seated, rest a soft pillow at the back of a chair and position the computer screen in a way that prevents you from tilting the head forward. Most importantly, invest in ergonometric seats that support the natural curve of the spine. If you work in an office, chiropractors further advise that you make use of stand-up desks in the course of working hours, especially if taking long breaks is not an option.

Lift heavy objects with caution

Lifting objects is a daily task that you probably cannot avoid, but if not carefully done, it can hurt your back causing constant pains. The best way to lift heavy objects is bringing the weights closest to the body and avoiding any form of twisting when lifting. You should also never bend from the waist when lifting, instead, squat down and pick the weight using the legs and butt muscles. Above all, regardless of your age and strength, always remember to ask for help if the weight is excessively heavy.

For lower back pain relief, work on your core muscle

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Your body is a complex series of major muscles that provide maximum support for the body. Making it a routine to indulge in cardiovascular exercises, like the use of an elliptical machine, will indeed strengthen your core muscles a great deal. If not in a position to use the machine, mild aerobic activities like a short walk and breathing exercises are good ways to commence on your long term goals. Strengthening the core muscles improves blood circulation across the spine while at the same time supplying essential healing nutrients to the lower back hence providing back pain relief.

Maintain mobility in your limbs to relieve back pain

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A few stretches in the morning are a great way to reenergize and improve your blood circulation ahead of a busy day. However, stretching only assists in the flexibility of your spine and not the mobility of the joints. Reduced movements of the joints (especially the hips, hands, and legs) render the body to look for compensation elsewhere which mostly leads to injury and increased pain on the back. If you have a restrictive job or a demanding schedule that requires long hours of sitting, it’s always advisable to take one-hour breaks in between since stagnant sitting is strenuous for your back.

Rethink that old mattress

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The mattress you rest your back on every night could be the culprit to that agonizing lower back pain you are suffering from. Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, there is need to invest in a quality mattress that provides comfort and good natural sleep. So, what do you consider when shopping for a good mattress?

The mattress should be neither too soft nor too firm a medium firm mattress is ideal. If your current mattress is more than six years old, it’s obvious that it’s less supportive, and no matter how much a hoarder you are, acquiring a new one is non-debatable.  Finally, your sleeping style will determine the choice of mattress. For instance, side sleepers find soft mattress ideal as they relieve pressure on shoulders and hips, back sleepers normally vote for medium firm mattresses while those who sleep on their stomachs prefer a mattress that is moderately firm to keep their spine naturally aligned.

Incorporating all the five tips at once might be overwhelming. Nevertheless, implementing one at a time towards a back pain relief mission will prove rewarding in the long run.

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